Build Event Irony

What’s the point of a build event if no bases are defendable? I sneezed and wiped out every max base this morning by accident.


did it aswell by “accident”. not everyone is happy about it but thats life :man_shrugging:

at this point im very happy i havent spent a lot into my base but into my Dragons :heart_eyes:

Maybe WarDragons became WarDragons now and not WarBaseBuilding? :thinking:

How is the game fun to you when it requires 0 skill, 0 strategy, and 0 effort.


actually it isnt. i agree

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I would suggest to stop playing when the competitiveness kicks in and you play for glory, not fun. I’m playing as a pastime and as for my max tower level being 20, I have a way to go. I can understand the outrage over the update, though.


Games that aren’t challenging in any aspect are not good games. Even if they’re just being played as time killers. The game right now is ticking time bomb before mass evacuation to another game. These developers continually let players down update after update. This very well may be the straw that breaks the camels back. I suppose that what they get for not keeping the original architects of the game on board. PG you should be embarrassed


Games have to be both adequately challenging and adequately rewarding for a positive player experience and thus player retention.

This game, in it’s current iteration, is neither.


I can’t even stay in the game long enough to watch people take my stuff…i keep getting kicked and rolled back do to sync issues. My base went from difficult to a welcome mat so I guess I would be mad anyways. What a pos.

that’s true, the game doesn’t even have much strategy or value to it.

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