Build Riverwatch perch?

My base is basically a long middle with kill island at 5 as I followed Mecheggs original building guide when I started learning more about the game except I went for an IF next to cannon in 4.
I just recently managed to forge 7 legendary dark defense gear and have 1 elite dark defense gear on kaiju on my sea gazer perch. Eventually want to swap to apophet. The sea gazer perch doesn’t cover the middle long so I am wondering should I build riverwatch perch and put a red dark dragon with the legendary gear on there and leave kaiju with low level gear rider at sea gazer. Out of black pearls to build higher than red.
Or should I rearrange to a more micro base between 1-3? I do like the long middle set up and it has served me well but my rider defense boost is not applied to my kill island at the moment. I don’t want to build riverwatch and regret.
Thanks for any advice.

Switch to micro, use the perch and gear perks on your towers. Especially with ice flak on 3.


Don’t build riverwatch, keep a micro base at seagazer for now.

Ok thanks. So kill on 3 should be DF, BM, RM, IF, storm?

Yeh or if you have enough elemental embers switch the storm with a fire flak eventually.
Because Ice Flak and storm are both fairly low in damage.

Ok great. Thanks for the advice

Switch storm with fire flak? hmm storm is pretty important for a kill island. Maybe switch blue mage with fire flak. If u have ice flak u dont really need blue mage.

Don’t switch out blue. Either switch out storm or Ice for Fire Flak. But never mages.

You just do not want to many utility towers on your kill isle, it should be a kill isle and have atleast 2 high damaging towers.

Also DO NOT level your perch above lvl 31, that is the level it needs to be for a mythic sapphire dragon and receive the full benefits from a defensive dragon rider.

Unless you’re end game, 2 flaks, 2 mages and a storm >>> 3 flaks.

Agreed but he was wanting him to switch out storm, u never do that :joy:

Definitely not end game. Thanks for the feedback guys.
Will try 2 flaks 2 mages and storm.

Its a waste investing in a storm now, we’ve got Earth Flaks.

Unless he’s a spender, there’s no way he can support 3 capped flaks at his level.


If we have enough ember, Earth flak is better than Storm I guess…

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lol if you are bookmarking me, i hope u bring back up :joy:

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Just checking your preferred layout.

i don’t think that’s necessarily true :see_no_evil: unless target attackers are always 2-3 tiers higher with a backer bigger than that.
3 flak island does pretty well for me till now , and even undefended.
i would say it comes down to lack of good defenders and good attackers :see_no_evil:

If u have enough Embers, replace the Storm with an Earth Flak and equip 5 runes for Ice Flak attack.
If u will have Earth + Dark + Ice flaks, put a Mythic Hunter or Sorcerer on Perch that matched the gears u already have. bye

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Thanks. As E2P I don’t have enough embers to max 3 flaks. Understand EF is better than storm but won’t be able to build it up. And after I get enough pearls I will put apophet on the perch (currently level 30).
Out of curiousity why 5 IF runes? And not some for DF?

Because DF already have a very high attack. Its your only damage dealer, so u need to increase the Ice Flak attack ( with Ice Flak Attack Runes ) as much as u can because a dragon with the DF resist (there are many around and many dragons have the Adaptive Resist that includes the DF resist) will be really hard to kill, i mean ??
Anyway, in general , Mythic warrior on Perch is the best choice but since u have Storm, maybe a dragon that increase the damage can be a good choice . Moreover there are many Dark dragons and your gears are dark so, eventually in the future you can easily decide to change the dragon that matched your gears element :wink:
With your current towers there are 2 setup among you can decide

2)Cattura2 U can also reverse the position of the Ice Flak and the Storm