Build up my building Hut

I am trying to up grade my Building Hut and it said I need 4 garnet eggs I have 5 and it will not let me up grade it . Can someone help me please thank you

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You need 4 extra eggs not used to hatch a dragon. Can you please show a screenshot of what the building hut reads when you try to upgrade?

Better yet. Show incubator

So on this screen here it says you have the required eggs correct? If not then you have just hatched 5 garnets. You didn’t get extra “unhatched” eggs which are what you need to level that. It’s the same as research eggs

  • Eggs you hatch for dragons => eggs that hatch into chicken
  • Eggs for building hut => unfertilised eggs for breakfast

This is almost a terrifying answer because it shows that our dragons are actually super infertile. For all the breeding they manage to do every month when the breeding event rolls around, they only ever manage to produce one viable egg of any given species of dragon :scream:

On topic: Like others have said, you need to breed multiple copies of the same dragon to generate extra garnet eggs for your builder’s hut. Simply breeding different dragons in garnet tier that you don’t have yet won’t work. Usually a big chunk of the eggs you get for your builder’s hut (and possibly for research, if you’re lucky) will come when you breed one (or more) mythics from that tier.

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Love this description <3

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Off-topic comment below :face_with_monocle:

Isn’t it the same for any species? One winner, millions of losers? :thinking: (Referring to male gametes)

They only have a reproductive period once every month like humans if we assume most only breed during events. The more evolved you get, the least fertile you produce offsprings but still, one baby or more every 1-2-3 months isn’t what I’d call infertile…

I’ll just assume that the dam can use magic to stop the fertilization of hybrids they don’t want. Not infertility, just birth control :wink:

On-topic: hopefully the original poster got their answer :upside_down_face:


:smirk: Actually, that also explains well why all extra eggs have the same pattern, while fertile egg has distinct pattern, depending on which dragon is it


The simple answer is, you have the eggs needed, you have the wood needed but you must reach level 375 (as it says in the lower part). (provided I am reading you question right, why it doesn’t allow to upgrade the hut. If you are level 375 or above, then it is a ‘unintended feature’ where the builders made an omelet of the eggs)

Exactly! Fake eggs :laughing:

@UnicornTheWise that was an example provided by a forum member, not the OP who needs GARNET eggs requiring half of the level mentioned :grin:


Wrong person mate. I was asking him to post his screenshot of that screen to see if he had the eggs or not. It was more to point him to that page


Oh, dang, I missed that the screenshot is not from the OP. But I still think it is a case of not having the correct level.

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It’s still possible but since there was no mention of level and only eggs in the original post, we supposed the level was not an issue :wink:

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