Builder Hut Highend Eggs

Hey all. I looked for a bit with no information… is there a combo sheet of the best parents to use for. Gold, Plat an Sapphire, Garnett? Everything i find only goes up to Green. Thanks!

Gold was whale and ith I believe

A quick Google returned this. goes up to Sapphire

In case someone finds this old post, this is new and updated:

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Look under the strategy and guide section. Find reds guide…that is probably one of the best sources of information you will find.


Saw this an had no values.

Great thanks must have overlooked!

Didn’t say you wanted values, just which parents. :slight_smile:

All good, glad you got the info. Cheers

Ok… anyone have a ‘secondary’ list if you don’t have the parents yet? :slight_smile: Green eggs in particular.

Make sure that you’re already well past the tier you want to get research eggs for. Other than a specific few research items (hunter ammo/boosts, dragon rage, various other items that come up), research isn’t worth taking a detour from a breeding path.

Direct answer:

Teach a man how to fish answer:

  1. Find the lowest rarity of the tier you want research eggs for from Amoeba & jot down the names
  2. Open as many new tabs as the number of names here (or update the dragon name at the end of the link accordingly after you click Breed!) (use the checklist if you want)
  3. Find the cheapest combos

As the old forums are going away, screenshot from above:
Green Research Eggs

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As a rule of thumb, all mythic dragons will give you the eggs you need to upgrade the builders hut. Don’t use frags when you breed them.

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If you don’t have the parents to do these combos, you will waste a ton of breeding tokens to get eggs. Much better to get the proper parents and do it that way.

Not true for hau and A&A

If you backbreed those two - using Reds Icicle 3 path - of course it is not true. My message was to be taken as a rule of thumb, when you have to use 200k tokens and more to get a mythic.

If you straight up breed them, it’s not true. Apophet and Icicle are the only mythics that you’ll get the full eggs for the breeder huts:

(Please note, please use Red’s live file, not these photos for your breeeding paths, these are just to illustrate hau and A&A do not give all the builder hut eggs).

I used Icicle 3 path, the shortest to get what I wanted, and yes, this one has Apophet and Icicle in it. So all the eggs I needed for the hut, I had them after breeding the mythics.


Yeah. I know. Decisions, decisions. Nix wasn’t on the path I was using, so didn’t have him. Now I have him but he’s nowhere near breeding level. And I will breed Danzig this event but was hoping to use the rest of my tokens getting research eggs/storage hut building supply eggs… but it’ll be inefficient if I do. Bleh. :frowning:

Something that works in 1 out of 3 situations is a poor rule of thumb :man_shrugging:t3:

Well, you take it as you like. Rule of thumb is not precise science but it guides you: more tokens to use for a dragon, more chances to get some extra eggs. And I stop here, I am not into measuring () contests.

P.S. The OP asked for a path to get the most eggs to update his hut, I posted above the Icicle 3 path of Red’s. It is the easiest one to get what he needs in the shortest time.

Please remember not to post images of my breeding paths! Use links instead. I really don’t want people following an image and then for them to miss important changes.

Icicle 1 is the best path for all around base growth and dragons.

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If I started icicle 3 (modified - I bred Jul before chompa to uncap divines 1/2) is it too late to swap or not that much difference?