Builders hut camp area to level

I searched here but only found real old topics about this. Is there somewhere I can find a good suggestion on which level we should be compared to builders hut? I always struggle not over building and the comparisons i see are not correct. It’s says I should be at level 160 for my builders hut which is impossible. I couldn’t get lower level dragons to breeding level at that level let alone get the eggs needed to upgrade builders hut.

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Here’s a good place to start.

This’ll generally tell you what a good base is for your level, it includes all defense information, as well as the home structures such as the builder’s and storage hut.


Short answer: You are doing just fine.

Just make sure the builders hut isn’t preventing you from levelling up your towers, and you will be okay. There’s a patch in the mid 250s where you may find the lack of obsidian eggs holds you back a little, but nowadays it isn’t worth delaying levelling whilst you get the last few eggs.


That is very helpful, thanks. I am a little behind but not by much. Next breeding I will be back on track.


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