Builders Hut Capped... Help?

So I’ve had my builders hut not able to level up since the previous fort event. I already know that I’m WAY behind on it. It isn’t letting me upgrade it because I have “3/4 gold eggs”. I do not know how I obtained those three, or how I can get the last one. Could someone help me?

those three eggs are eggs you completed but already had. to get more, there’s a good breeding combination for gold eggs somewhere :eyes:
was that the question?

Yes, it was :slight_smile:

If you have Whale breedable and Ferrox / Basileus, breed them and stop after you get one extra egg.
Since I saw that you’ve got Whale

Follow a breeding plan. I recommend Red’s. This will ensure you get the hut eggs you need.


Just got a bunch of levels on my gold lineage dragons due to unlocking gold evolution stone. Whale is 500K XP away from being breedable and should be breedable tomorrow

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I do use Red’s. I haven’t gotten many eggs tho

You’ll have a bunch when starting Plat (rare), which is your next breed :wink:

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Right hand column.

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#3 is the solution it seems :eyes:

Ok thanks

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