Builders Hut Upgrade to 21

I am stuck on level 20 of builders hut upgrade for a couple of months. It requires 4 green eggs. I am level 91 and have all green dragons to breeding and most to expert. I have 4 gold dragons and get a lot of green eggs but not the ones that trigger upgrade of builders hut. I need help.

You need to create more green eggs, the ones used for your dragons and research don’t count.

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Redo the breeding of dragons for extra eggs even though I have the offspring? I’m not sure I’m understand your advice

Exactly that. In the breed den you can manually select dragons to breed. Good pairs are online at WD geeks

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Level 21 requires spare gold eggs, not green ones. They look amazingly similar in the interface.


Thanks. I will try.

And while you’re there, check out reds breed guide and mechs base building suggestions. You will love the game that much more.

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It says I need 4 green eggs

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Could you show me a screenshot of that? Pretty sure it won’t say green eggs…

I certainly will. This has been a thorn.

I looked and you are completely right. It sure looks green but it doesn’t say green. So they are gold eggs needed. I have 4 gold dragons, so maybe it will trigger.

Unfortunately those need to be spare eggs; dragons you already have but have hit again with breeding.

If you check out Red’s Breeding Guide like Gyga recommended you’ll see at what point you’ll get spare gold eggs without having to make them specifically. It can be a bit of a wait though.

To get eggs for builder’s hut you need additional eggs for dragons you have already bred. :slight_smile:

The good news is you don’t actually have to have hatched the dragon in question to still get spare eggs from it.

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Lumen eggs cost 1920 tokens each with one platinum parent (Amarok + Kaiju or Mune + Gaspar as example breeding pairs). If you don’t have those dragons yet, you can do Lumen = Ith + Whalegnawer for 2040 tokens, just a bit more.

You should get all you need for your builder’s hut as byproducts when you breed Mune if you’re using Red’s best. (But eventually you’ll need bunches of gold eggs for research, so I wouldn’t feel bad doing extras when you have extra egg tokens, so long as it doesn’t set your breeding back.)

The sources of this info and WD Manager (In Progress) and Eggs research combos

(There are a lot of cheap token combos for some tiers, I don’t know if we’ve ever had a comprehensive source, even the old drag-man, so if you don’t have those parents, there may be others.)

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If he can do either, most likely he has upgraded his builder :laughing:
Earliest possible egg is Lumen + Ferrox, but it’s outside breeding path.

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