Builders hut upgrade with sapphire eggs

Why is it that I can’t upgrade my builders hut. It requires 4 sapphire eggs and regardless of how many times I breed and rebreed sapphire dragons,my sapphire eggs will not accumulate to upgrade my builders hut?

Breed apophet.

You need ADDITIONAL eggs to use on your builder hut

AKA the first time you breed a dragon, you use the egg to hatch the dragon.
The second time you breed that egg, you get a spare egg that you can use for either research or builders hut.

Once you get further into a tier, typically you automatically get some of these extra eggs, and for each tier there is typically one really good breed that will give you a ton of extra eggs.

In the sapphire case, it is the apophet breed. (17 spare)
In garnet, it is the icicle breed. (14 spare)
In emerald it’s both the Deci breed (from storm/pyro specifically) and the Xenot breed from ferga/storm (which give 7 and 11 spare respectively)


I’m at the same place. So far I only have anapa and sekhem, but apophet is ready to breed and as soon as I have him, I’ll be able to upgrade my hut :speak_no_evil:


Just to touch on what Mech said a little further, you actually have to incubate the dragon before you can use the extra eggs. I remember I bred Lumen a bunch of times, but the extra eggs wouldn’t count towards my builder hut until I actually hatched him.


That is actually very helpful and interesting to know. I have less gold eggs than I thought I should and maybe that’s the reason.

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Did it take some time for the eggs to show up? I just incubated and hatched Lumen (who I know I made lots of extra eggs for) and they are not showing up as available for research.

I don’t remember tbh. I assume you closed and rebooted the app? If they don’t show up I suppose you could either breed more, submit a ticket, or both.

I’m currently breeding Apophet but it takes 1000 fragments. But earning spare eggs to upgrade builders hut in the process. Have upgraded once already and have 350/1000 fragments for Apophet

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