Builder's hut upgrade


In order to upgrade a tower past 56, you need 4 obsidian eggs. There is no breeding option that provides extras really. I have 1 and I only have one obisidian left to breed (which will give me zero obsidians extra).

Since a breed change will be required to allow tower upgrades, how about you kick a brother down 8 obsidian eggs (gonna need that twice) since he already did all those breeds?


Archimera for 15,555

  • Rhyo x Marianas
  • Mafic x Lumina
  • Rhyo x Hedran


  • Mafic x Rhyo for 15,555
  • Mafic x Noctua for 18,827


  • Mafic x Archimera for 15,513
  • Mafic x Marianas for 17,393

Lumina for 17,500

  • Girasol x Marianas
  • Girasol x Hedran


  • Mafic x Girasol for 15,555
  • Girasol x Wraith for 16,882
  • Mafic x Hedran for 17,500

Wraith for 15,555

  • Rhyo x Archimera
  • Girasol x Lumina
  • Rhyo x Girasol

:tada: :angel:


Ugh… kinda expensive. And I already bred those. But thanks for the detailed list!


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