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I want to circle back to this. I have tried playing a few other mobile games and they all have this feature. I know people claim it can be hacked and used to cheat. If that is true then 2 things have happened. First PG developed it in a way that could be easily exploited and second the game has far more issues than an exploited help.

Below are my suggestions for this feature based on what I have seen in other games.

  • This help is restricted to your team and once per day (even if you move teams)

  • The help provided is a % of the build. Longer builds should get a higher %.

  • This feature does not use timers from players. It is simply a predefined % and you need teammates online and clicking “Assist”.

Scenario: I start a build at 30 days. The predefined % my team can help is 10% max. Meaning if all 49 other players help then I can shave 10% off the total build time, 3 days down. Once I get help that is it. I have to wait until the next day to ask again.

This is a discussion and would like to keep it that way. Hash out fears of exploits or abuse. Expand on how to improve. Lets come together as a community on an aspect our game is lacking. I would tag the PG people but honestly I don’t know who would be tagged for this.

The title of the thread is a bit broad since there are likely other ways Team Assistance can happen (Maybe add a ‘- Fortification’ )?

Concept itself sounds fair enough. Active teams will have yet another way of contributing to player growth but it would low-key add to the laundry list of dailies. Still, I’m for anything that saves players timers; especially since build times always increase with level.

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Nope I think if an assist button be deployed, it should be like only 5 teammates can assist at any given time and then can only help that particular teammate that they helped after say three hours or so. And that every member shaves off 4% of the build time. So 5 members assisting me when my dark flak is building for let’s say 20 days, so 4% x 5 = 20% so there’s 16 days left.
Now, after 3 hours when the assist resets for me, and they are online and ready to assist again and all 5 press assist, so that doesn’t mean they shave off another 4 days off the dark flak construction time. No. They shave 3.2 days off or 20% of 16 days.
Now in regards to where place the button, like we have seen in the roster how the dragon abilities list and boost list can slide in and out. So why not place this assist button just like that but in the team chat area? Because that’s where the assist buttons lie on other games.

Why only 5 players? Why restrict them from being able to help others?

For placement I was thinking an alert in the mail button. Adding a tab there for requests. When a player requests assistance the mail icon will have a 1 next to it and teammates can go into the assistance tab and click “Assist”. This would then shave off whatever % each player does.

Oh no no. Like if 5 are helping member a, they can help another member b too. But they can’t then help member a till 3 hours has gone by and a’s assist reset has gone zero

I understand. Instead of once a day like i suggested. You are saying help every 3 hours as an example.

I know other games are setup that way. Have also seen where every time you start a build you can get help. Not sure if WD really needs that amount of a push due to the other options to get timers.

In my mind this is a supplemental feature that allows players to continue growing between fortification events without being driven by timers.

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