Building Blackmail!: Elite Reform

So there I was in the thick of it. I had just gotten a 1m lumber delivery from the bank for yet another upgrade. I scramble to expend my resources before the piranhas could take note, but get held up by this nonsense. At the time, I had 14 days left of elite, and the upgrade was just over 15 days. I have several years worth of timers, and the will to use them. I do not think it is right that I should be forced into paying to extend my elite, or to use timers on a build that I had planned to let run out, because my elite would run out shortly before the build finished naturally. After buying another 30 days of elite, which brought me to 44 days total, I did not have any issue with the lvl 182 castle and incubator builds because after research/construction bonus, they were down to 43 and 39 days. However, if I had only started with 12 days of elite, giving me 42 after paying out the month, would I have been required to buy another month/year of elite to start my castle upgrade without expediting my storage? It just seems a bit off to me that one need purchase more elite time to get 2 builds going when they already have over a month of it left.
Could the game not be changed to suspend the second active build if elite runs out, rather than keeping on with this foolishness?

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So you have"several years worth of timers" and you’re complaining about a day? I wish I was in your spot :joy::joy::joy:


Normal Elite and Atlas Elite are not the same thing. Buying a month of Atlas elite will not get you the same things that normal elite gets you

You have an elite subscription. It will run out after set amount of time so why should you expect to then get those befits extended without renewing it? Either finish the other building first or buy another month of regular elite. Pretty simple. Just because you have 2 mortgages dont mean that paying one suddenly means you dont need to pay for the other

Builders dont haggle


That was a typo, actually. I am waiting to leave work after a 12 HR shift. The word Atlas should not have been in my post whatsoever.

No…I am not. I am complaining that I was put into a position where I had to A) Pay for a month of elite when I already had elite or B) Spend 31 days of timers to finish a storgage upgrade that I planned to let run out naturally.

My suggestion is that the game allow you to start a second build if you have an elite account, regardless of how much time you have left; but then to suspend the second build as soon as elite runs out. Ex: If I had 3 days of elite, and 1 tower building, I should be able to start a 20 day upgrade and finish it with timers…not be required to finish the first build or buy more elite. If I decide not to renew elite, the game stops the clock on that second build, so I am not getting anything for free.


That sounds really complicated.


Put it this way:
You have 50 days of elite left.
You have one upgrade going with 40 days left.
You want to start a second upgrade that takes 52 days.
You would then be forced to either spend 40 days on your first build to start the second, or buy more elite, since 50<52.
Seems kinda lame…since most people in this position are likely planning to use some timers.

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Ok, so you’re saying you bought another month and then could continue building? So what’s the issue here?

Again the elite privileges last for a set amount of time. There’s not any service I know of where they’re going to extend your privileges for free just because you’re close to something you want. If your Netflix subscription runs out on Thursday and a show you want to watch comes out on Friday they’re not going to extend it just so you can watch that show. They’re going to make you buy another month. In this case you also had the option to just speed up that other tower

Nevermind. It is my fault for not reading it properly.
I think it has been like that for a long time.

Not all players will. For ex.i used all my timers this event. Should I be able to start 2 builds if my elite ends in 7 days? Oh, I might buy elite again, but I might not

I’m not asking them to extend my benefits. I am asking them to give me the full benefit of elite for the full amount of time I paid for it. If my elite runs our 5 days before a build ends, by all means, lock down that build at 5 days xx hrs xx minutes until I pay for elite or my other build finishes.
It’s apples to oranges, as you said, but Atlas Elite will allow you to hold 16k hats. If you have 16k hats when it expires, you still have 16k hats until you use them. If regular elite allows you to build two buildings simultaneously…then allow us to start two builds for the entire time we have elite. If those builds are not done when elite expires, then freeze the second until the first is done or elite is paid for.

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I think that is way too complicated. This is coming from a player who has been in this position. I wish it were that easy

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I lose mine down to 8000 every single time 🤷


Same, I missed that earlier

I got the concept and it would be lovely indeed, but in order to get that result, first we need a feature which i would rather not see in the game: queueing building upgrades.

Or did I manage to misinterpret something again?

Odd. I don’t. I wish I had taken a screenshot of it when my Atlas elite ran out yesterday. Game inconsistencies :man_shrugging:

In my mind, the que would only go into place when two builds are active and elite runs out. Either way, I do realize that this is a bit of a “bitchy” request given all of the more important changes the player base desires. Beyond that, it was not my best worded post. :sweat_smile:

Edit: I am basically just butthurt that I had to pay for more elite because my subscription was going to run about 13 hrs short when I fully intended to expedite the build anyway.


the exact same scenario has happened to me at least 4 times since I started playing, and luckily I can authorize the payment with my fingerprint, so it is fast.

Maybe my way of seeing this can help you accepting it: the builders are considerate as they only take on jobs they can finish. Oh, and they get paid in advance. :wink:

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From a different standpoint:

If a player has an entire base of towers over lvl 55, build times are base 57 days. Even with a great construction bonus that’s well over 30 days per upgrade. Does this mean that if such a player buys 1 month of elite, they will still not be able to build two towers simultaneously because their elite will expire prior to the natural end of any upgrade they can possibly do? That seems lame.

Not entirely: any new buildings or ones, that can fit in the time left of the subscription can be initiated. Anything beyond… you already know. :hugs:

Elite is like a garage: it has its walls, and no matter how you try, two sports car or a minivan can fit in, but if you park the van there, you’ll end up with a lot of empty space. Is it a waste? Perhaps. (unless you have a scooter, too)

You want get both of your minivans inside? Make the garage larger.