Building Blackmail!: Elite Reform


This is one of those posts where I can only scatch my head at some of the responses. Are people just so used to crappy nonsense mechanics that it seems okay that something you have already paid to do (have two builds going at once) requires you to pay more to keep doing before your subscription has ended? Because reasons? It sounding complicated (it doesn’t) is not a very convincing argument against it, but that’s just me.

If I want to buy elite for a week and start my storage at beginning and spend the rest of the week speeding other things with timers, I’d better damn well be able to, and accept that when elite runs out, any second building I haven’t sped would stop upgrading. :roll_eyes: Not like I’d be getting anything I didn’t pay for. If I wanted that I’d quit the game. :grin:

PS When my Atlas elite runs out sometimes the 16k hats remain for that next build and sometimes they don’t. I never thought anything of it one way or the other :thinking:


You could have just bought 7 days for $1.99 lol


No you dont, you lose those extra 8k hats

This game doesnt allow you to stop construction on towers. You can speed it up but you cant slow it down or stop it. You cant have 2 buildings under construction without an elite account. That would open up a whole other bag of issues. Construction is from point (A) to point (B), not A to A1 to A2 to A5… to point B. Just like you cant partially start an upgrade that that costs 1M wood using 500k


I still had 16k hats after my first free week of Atlas elite on my alt when it expired. Even after several resets I still had extras. So it may be inconsistent throughout the community, but it does happen to a few players at least.

I also had to renew my elite for similar reasons twice at least. It’s annoying and I feel like sometimes it doesn’t even take construction research/rider into account…


I know, I know! Like I said, this is kind of a whiney post :man_shrugging:. I do think it’s kinda lame that the building benefit that you pay for is limited in such a way though.


As Moon said above, for some of us this happens. I’ll p.m. you a screenshot next time it happens for me if I remember.

Either way, you seem determined to disagree with me; and that is fine. I think both of us are making a fine case and continue to disagree amicably.


Can anyone with a high level account confirm or deny my above statement that a player who’s base is entirely towers that have build times above 30 days need to maintain over 30 days of Elite in order to build any two towers simultaneously? That would mean that the 7 day and 1 month elite packs provide no value in terms of simultaneous building to players who fall into this group.


How about they just give us the option to use timers for the extra time it will take beyond the current elite account subscription instead of just asking to use rubies to build instantly? That would seem like a good fix to this situation to me. I have run into this a few times but I just extend my elite account since I always keep elite going.


:point_up: This.


I added my idea to the Qol thread. :+1:


Yea it kind of sucks that it’s limited. I run into the same problem all the time.


Only time I ran into this was on my alt, where iirc most of the second build benefit was wasted because I was only building the largest things I could, and even though I still had a good chunk of time left on my Elite, I couldn’t use it on anything I wanted to build.

But hey, let’s ignore that you can’t actually use the full purchase unless you buy more. I agree, I don’t get how this is ok, and I don’t see why people are defending it.


Absolutely agree. If you buy one year elite you should enjoy one year benefit and discount some on 2nd build


Good post, agree with most points said.

One off topic question: Is elite blackmailing you, or holding you hostage? :thinking:

Either way, it hates us.


Let’s say that what the OP wishes for comes to reality. I have this vision:

Elite 7 days left.
Construction 1 takes 30 days
Construction 2 takes 30 days.

Everything works as planned, C2 is on hold from day 8, and in this case Elite won’t be extended.
So that means C2 takes an extra 23 days, and during that time it can’t defend.
What’s the point?


If it were me, I’d ensure that the building left on stasis was storage, castle, etc. For anything else I’d use the timers unless I had planned ahead how to comphensate my base for a missing tower.


“I see you have 1.2m lumber there. That’s nice for you. Oh, you want to upgrade your storage for 1.15m is it? Splendid! But see here, you’ve already got one build going and, oh…what’s this? Your elite benefits will expire 43 seconds before this upgrade is done. Wow…that’s rough, really unfortunate. You could just feed me a few bucks to extend your benefits. You’re not sure? Well, decide quickly; I’m sure there is someone else eyeballing your lovely lumber stack. We wouldn’t want something unfortunate to happen to it, would we?”


Add it to your before fort checklist.

  • ensure elite is 37+ days
  • check riders equipped
  • wood boost and protection on
  • fort planner is used and storage/hut are to correct levels
  • finish existing builds if required

If you have elite, it’s going to be very very rare that you don’t have it constantly. So just stack up as much as you want to commit to playing


Yes, absolutely!

So it’s not a blackmail, it’s a friendly reminder, isn’t it? :hugs:


Probably good enough for me :thinking: