Building event bug?

Is it happening only to me ? When I try to get in the Event page, I get this and it stays there …

I did restart the game, cleaning up the cache. I even did a hard reset of my iPad. Same thing is happening. I maybe get once in the event page but then… the 0% appears and it stays… long !


Yup, it’s buggy

Even me the same, unable to access the event screen

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Doesn’t show the points either, i could claim till 8.5m but showing that i hit 5.5

Leveling doesnt count. Tower Level Up no Point​:man_facepalming:t2::man_shrugging:t2::rage:.

@PGGalileo Event is going up and down every couple of minutes. You click the button, can get in and do stuff, 2 min later, 0% is frozen or you get the dreaded white server error page or once in a while the black screen of death.

The points page said tier 2 rss (pearls, electrum, embers) are worth only 20 points. Didn’t they used to be 200?!

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I don’t think so since 9000 ice shard for a building upgrade shouldn’t provide me with 1.8M points.

What’s worse is the text files are showing

Platinum chests are now considered Chest11 :no_mouth: what the heck their is no chest 11 this is the 4th chest not the 11

It’s the start of Fort, it’s always laggy and glitchy because so many people are on doing stuff. Just let things calm down like usual


Sorry about that folks! Looks like a temporary issue. Our team took a look and made an adjustment. All should be running a lot more smoothly now. Please DM me if the issue persists.


Ya im wrong, maybe it used to read 200 per 10 used or I was just misinformed but definitely hasn’t changed

Sorry to burst your bubble but in the game files platinum chests are called chest11 and always have been.


Thank you for the quick response !

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