Building Event Discount

Why announce a reduction in building costs 30 minutes after the event starts?!? Most players are FINISHED within the first 30 minutes. @PGGalileo any explanation?


They honestly should have just applied the discount a few minutes before the event started. Nobody is building before fort anyways


I sincerely hope PG intends on refunding timers. Why announce after the event starts when you know people start building as soon as the event begins?! BAD MOVE! Way to piss off the player base!


We became aware of the lack of an applied discount after the event started, so we wanted to fix it as soon as we could. I sent out the message as quickly as possible, though I’m sure it was too late for some. We’re still working on the fix and I’ll be able to focus on other questions afterwards.


I’d say it was too late for most.

Hopefully at least one of those questions would be about refunding timers…

For those of us that are already done with the event and leveled towers in that level range, be getting the overused timers back in compensation?

Also worth noting that the mail isn’t showing up for most people until they restart the app. We’re @ to try stop people flying, it’s a bit chaotic to say the least lol


I am talking to support team about comp now. Not sure what the outcome will be.


This is good to know, thank you.


I didn’t get a mail, a team member told me about it.

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Thank you for the response - not to pee in your Cheerios but event quests do not appear to be registering either.

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Yeahhhh, our team is definitely among those who didn’t find out about it until someone else posted it in Line. Because, of course, the mail didn’t show up for those already in-game (that is, those who were already spending their resources) until they quit the app and reloaded it.


I restarted the app after reaching the 4.8 mil score as my base xp hadn’t visibly increased - and then I saw the mail.

In terms of 12 hour timers I’ve spent around 1,200 or so. Hopefully you can get the team to recognise the disparity across resources spent when it comes time to discuss the compensatory aspect. If you need any more info I’m sure we can provide it

Ticket 2308810

Thanks! :pray:

I hope that they dont send a massive apology gift this time.

There are players who leveled towers from 95 to 101 on my team and that’s a huge amount of resources. I leveled a few from 115 to 117.

Yet the apology gift is a blanket for all players is not the proper stance.


Rather than compensation, couldn’t we get reimbursement? I had blown through 3M points before notice was sent by PG. It would have been more, but I was building on my alt account simultaneously.

Not to beat a dead horse but there is some major compensation owed to players. Many of my teammates still have not received the mail. I was the first to see and no one knew what In the **** I was talking about. I am tired of feeling like I am being cheated by Pocket Gems at every turn. Was the discounting even announced? I only get on forums during times like these when I am seriously irate as I am in numerous chats with people that share this kind of information and no one seemed to be aware one was coming. Believe me I asked and was disappointed when I was told nothing had been announced. Did many just miss or is this just another failure by PG to inform players of vital information?

Why does some kind of glitch or error happen all the time ? Many of the teams are waiting for event to go live to start . We find out after getting many millions in scores that the discount was not applied . It’s ridiculous .

Personally I hit 6 million before ever receiving the email . I will definitely want my refunded resources .

I too caught the short end of the stick today when I woke up earlier than usual for work haha (unfortunately)

Would most definitely have made a difference especially in power spike lvls as a Lvl 495 going into event; discounts would add additional tower builds for xp in lvl cutoffs in drag den, etc.

Would rather fort progress be reset for me and rss returned if I could choose between that and compensation. :sob:

Stay tuned and stay strong folks

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@PGGalileo I think you guys really need to think this thru how you are going to compensate players.