Building & Event Fortifications

Hello everyone,

I allow myself to propose a suggestion to you today in relation to the event of the fortifications.
We have the opportunity to use the wood pendant this vent and gain point.
So I would like your teams to return the XP gain from a building.
After a little tour on AmoebaStudios, we have to make a level we need 40800 XP. (First load)
When we go up, a storm tower, level 30 to 31, we earn 32k XP for this building. (Second Load)
So, it is very easy to gain the overall level since at each completed

So, it is very, very easy to win the overall level because at each building finished, it is a guaranteed level.

Knowing that we need 2 full months to get a dragon like Apophet. How to avoid widening the gap between our basic level and our level dragons?

Can you reduce the XP gain of a mounted building? Without necessarily reducing the cost of using wood. Since anyway, we almost never need it outside this event!

PS : Im French, sorry for the translate

What do you think? @PGJared

You should slow down your building so that your dragons can stay on track. Use Reds dragon check in to make sure you keep your dragons strong enough.

I have at some points (level 108-142) gone fort events by leveling up totems and other 0XP buildings so I don’t gain levels and keep my dragons strong but still get event points.

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Two question.
Other than the last requirement of each cell, is it recommended (assuming no decent divine), or mandatory?
I mean (myself as example)
I’m lv 102(recently) with 2x Lv. 2 (bulked exp :see_no_evil:) L. Plat dragon, but 2 lv 12 L. Gold Legendary.

Since some dragons (wintertide and springveil) evolved to plat at lv 102, why isn’t there any check-in at that level? (Probably also other level, which is the evolution level)

Note. I planned to use the check-ins for my teammates, so I need to understand these…

I’m talking about XP earned by up a building. It is necessary that the gain of XP following the rise of a building is reduced.

I have already made totems, reserves or others. But when we are level 156 and these buildings are at maximum …? To gain points, it is necessary to mount ice towers, lights and others. So it’s the gain of insured levels. No?

To be able to use wood during this vent and keep a “decent” level I think it is necessary to reduce this XP gain.

Then do not use wood, until you’re ready for breeding…
It’s a choice between keeping decent level, and gaining points from fort event.

Two ways

  1. Slow down your Building upgrades and Focus on other Towers that do not contribute to xp gain
  2. Speed up your breeding.
    2.a follow a decent breeding path
    2.b collect egg tokens as much as possible with the most efficient ways, you can either “buy it” or “grind it”

Ohh, last option:
Enjoy playing the game. Dont be too bothered about this dragon to base balances, at the end of the day, War Dragons is a way to keep out of real life stresses.

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how about you guys just ask PG to give me all your unwanted Exp! i need levels!!!

But seriously… Just level up, it will all even out in the end… some people get far too obsessed with “over leveling”. Dragons vs Base are almost unrelated in this game…

A better base will always be a better base regardless of what dragons you have. The opposite is the bigger problem (when dragons are den capped)

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Mandatory vs recommended is completely up to you :upside_down_face: it’s just a general guideline to try and explain the magnitude of dragons we would recommend trying to have for breeding and raiding purposes at various levels.

Divines have somewhat made this list less than ideal seeing as you can almost gtlet away with a full divine roster these days which kinda sucks.

This list includes absolutely zero divine dragons. Stages are selected from important tier level up points and do skip a few.

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when the base is as strong as the level but the dragons dont, the only drawback is you can not effectively raid the base that match your level (and lose your pride when lower level defeat you in defence)

I get what you are trying to say. I don’t think they have to lower the xp gained per building but maybe making the xp needed to get to the next level gap wider. Everyone knows when you get to the 100’s a building is 1 level. it is hard to stay in line with your dragon and level and enjoy fort event. 100-200 (I’m only lvl 180) takes a lot of strategic planning. I’m not saying it is impossible and yes sacrifices must be made

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Don’t worry. It’s slows down dramatically at 300. You’ll probably lvl 1-2 level per fort event from there on out unless you spend.

Plenty of time to catch dragons up. I wouldn’t waste any time worrying about dragon vs base leveling.

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That is so weird I would love to see a graph on xp per level. Does anyone have one handy?? lol


0-1000 full range


To infinity and beyond :joy::joy::joy:


I have to say, these graphs look even more intimidating when you change the forum mode to mobile view when the browser window is big enough to support desktop mode :joy:

But its stupid how it doesn’t increase uniformly.
But then again if its gonna increase crazy every level, it will be death sentence to us. so, well played PG :expressionless:

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It almost seems like they’re trying to milk the whales for all they are worth while not caring about the longevity of the game. With an almost exponential requirement like that, there will come a point where too many people walk away from the game for it to be profitable.

You are french :grin:
I am french :grin: if you have a question
Pog is here :point_right::innocent::point_left:

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Thanks mech this really puts things into light.

I am not the only one to store an excessive mass of wood, without being able to use it for 15 or even 20 days?

I think it is necessary to reduce the cost of xp level and to be able to use this wood which is highly useless 25 days out of 30.