Building Ice Flak this week

I know the answer already since you ignored the players for Fire Flax but I’ll ask anyways:

PLEASE allow us to use ice frags for building the ice Flak when it is released this week!

We have no practical use for all these stupid fire and ice frags. Or allow us to change them in for elemental embers as a season prize or something. Even at a huge loss. Would be better than nothing.

@pgEcho (or whomever can influence such a change)


It is elemental embers to build these

Nice sentiment but they already confirmed to the creators faction that it will use elemental embers.

I agree that it would be nice to offer an exchange of fire/ice shards for EE but I’m thinking it’s quite unlikely to happen.

I think Mike is aware.

He is just asking for a last minute change because nobody has embers these days to spare

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Are ice flaks in the new fort? Any info on them?

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That’s the plan. Then people have to spend to open chests to try and get more.

People spotted it on ShadowsOfBirds’s instagram, so it’s making its rounds through LINE.


Looks interesting

Indeed. As I stated in initial post. I know the answer already :joy:

I like your post Mike but I don’t think I have enough Ice Shards :woman_shrugging:


Just a question is that hunter ammo or ammo as in rage(please say this is not aimed at hunters):neutral_face:

It’s a hunter nerf. :see_no_evil:


NO why😭 (10 char)

No worries Hailey! They are about to release Ice Flax. Surely ICE Flak will take ICE shards… oh wait that would make sense which isn’t in the spirit of PG. NVM.


This should have either slow ammo regeneration, or silence spells. NOT both, that’s just ridiculous! If the damage output is high… bye bye hunters :scream:

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Well I guess there are no good dragons in the game. Congrats PG you went from dragons being overpowered to worthless.

This is the most absurd thing to happen to the game. I can’t say I’m shocked that the development team has no idea what balance means anymore. Thank for making so many of our decisions so easy.


You mean give up on game and come to plat for a gentle retirement like I did?


What? ICE shards for ICE flaks? What kind of ridiculous nonsense is this? It’s like asking for fire shards being used for fire flaks. It makes no sense and quite frankly, elemental embers clearly make more sense.

Seriously… fire shards and ice shards are 3x as common and are used for one tower. EE’s are rare and are used for 3 towers. Not to mention it takes more EE to upgrade a flak than it does shards for a tower of the same level. In terms of the logic applied by PG this is exactly the way it should be as rarer actually means more accessible. When even the crem de la crem players who spend thousands of dollars a year struggle to keep up, you know something is wrong.

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You forgot totems… so elemental embers are used for ALOT more than just two (soon three) towers.