Building level achievements

Not sure if this is a bug or an oversight. Maybe it’s meant to be this way but it seems that flak towers and turrets dont count towards level x amount of buildings to x level achievement.

My whole kill island is level 25 along with a lvl 25 fire turret on the back end.

I am not 100% sure about Fire and Ice Turrets, but Flak cannons certainly don’t count towards that achievement, only the oldschool towers:

  • Red mage
  • Blue mage
  • Storm

and the weak ones:

  • Archer
  • Lightning
  • Cannon
  • Ballista
  • Trebutchet
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Hmmm, this is certainly a problem. We don’t want new players to waste resources building ineffective towers. This is probably something that should be reported to support @Hussarian123

@Arelyna do you have any idea why this particular mission ignores newer flak towers?

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I don’t off the top of my head. I’d have to guess that maybe it just has not been refactored to include flak towers, but I would not take my word as a for sure on this.

@Hussarian123, if you could please report this to support, and please PM me the ticket number, I will get this looked at by the appropriate members of the team.


I know when I put a ticket in about this when I was a wee 60 (flaks weren’t out then), I was told that ice and fire turrets aren’t towers; they’re turrets, and thus don’t count towards the offensive towers quest.

:expressionless: That’s a helpful response from support. I personally think that it’s logical for a turret or flak to count as a tower…

But if you ask support, they will grant you the prize

This certainly seems like the current way it is structured as I have 2 red mages 1 blue mage and 1 storm tower at lvl 22 or greater accounting for the 4/5 on the achievement.

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Honestly, how many of the defence units are actual towers?

Lightning Tower
Mage Tower

end of story. Catapults are not towers, Flak and storm are cannons, turrets are eeerr… turrets.

I propose to use the “Defence Units / Objects / Structures” in the future in official communication to prevent any confusion. :hugs:

@LizDrakemoor: I didn’t forget the Storm Cannons :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You forgot storm tower :rofl: I’d count that as an offensive tower since it is a support tower for other offensive towers (and it actually causes damage).

Farms, Mills, and totems would be purely defensive as they don’t actually cause damage.

Edit: @BaldRabbit Gah I need to learn to read the forums better while flying invader :rofl: and I would dispute your statement that storms are cannons, since it says “storm tower” in their name.

This did not happen. Nor is it something I wanted to happen. I will have the 5th “old” tower leveled in about 14 days and 1 12?hr timer is not going to assist me any more now then it will in 14 days.

What I was/still am trying to accomplish is a change to which towers count as I have been playing for ~4 months and all the towers I have built/can build have been in the game and seem like they should count towards defensive towers for that achievement.


Those quests are all screwed up & have been for a long time! Just put in a ticket tell them you completed it and they’ll reward you :+1:

It’s not that it’s a newer flak but they just ignore most everything.
I’m about to be in Vanguard and I still have the quest breed 7 legendary dragons
Most all breeders are expert & still need to train few epics to expert lol

They are screwed up and have never been fixed.
Way back then on several of those quests I did put in ticket and was sent the rewards but the quests still show

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p.s. Don’t ask me what a smokeTower is… Idk…

Hey Orca, what’s a smoke tower? :rofl:



@PGLawson Will this ever be implemented?

Would be interesting flying an invisible base!

Normal Ability = Smoke Aura
SS = Create Decoy…

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Haha! There was a discussion on it in the old forums, but basically it was a tower that never really got implemented in the game.


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