Building level to dragon tier

So I have been unable to find somewhere that easily lists what level your incubator, den, and castle need to be for each dragon tier.

So i was wondering if someone could direct me to this info.

The Ameoba website has this information listed through obsidian. There’s a new site that goes through harb but I haven’t visited it yet.

This has all the information that you are looking for.


I am.not sure were it is on that site. But the site doesn’t work very well on my phone.

I was hoping someone had the info just listed off.

Works best on the computer. :woman_shrugging:t2:

But could possibly work on the phone…

Press the 3 lines in the top left corner (opens a list of pages)
Select Buildings
Then select breeding castle or incubator.

That should give you the info. Provides Base level, and storage level etc. and each level on incubator or breeding castle should-ish correlate with the tier of dragons…

The site will be more optimized for mobile devices in upcoming updates. And unlike the Amoeba site, this one is kept up to date. The Amoeba site is very outdated (though some of the stuff is still relevant).

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