Building plans?

Seriously… what the hell is worth building today considering all the changes?
Mages? Storms? Which offensive towers?

Man I’m confused lol.

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Hide in the dragons den.


Thx :frowning:
That didn’t help though…

I’d suggest waiting…

Let’s see if something changes before you start.

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If you have to build immediately at the start, Storms and Mages are generally a safe bet. Ice Turrets look okay for now, but we’ll see if those get nerfed too :see_no_evil:

I’ll be waiting for the most part.

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I’m doing ice turrets primarily. Not gonna touch my flak after this garbage. According to the graphs, I thought there wasn’t supposed to be a plateau. Wonderful

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I am just going to do Storage upgrades since I slacked on that and I am 10 levels behind. Might as well make lemonade with these lemons sent our way ¯_(ツ)_/¯ so I don’t level up but still earn event points.


The same things that have been worth building. It was never great to rely heavily on elemental towers.

Canons are still and will always be smart. Their supershot destroys all shields. Archers, as one of the strongest attack towers, should also be incorporated. Lightning towers have been dead in water since Spitfires were released, as two plus spots on your base to make them viable is still poor. And with elemental barrier a thing, it’s important to balance non-elemental towers.

So mages, storms, archer, canon, dark flak, ice flak, ice tower and spitfire tower are what you should be incorporating into your base.

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