Buildings XP to Next LvL

Is it possible when you click on building that it’ll show you how much XP it’s going to give if you upgrade it.

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If there is enough space, I don’t see why not, though dragon-manager has the required info…


I use the fortification planner spreadsheet for this. It’s very useful, even outside of fortification.


Let’s keep this going

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I’m also not sure it is necessary. Would you actually change your mind about what building to upgrade based on the EXP it gives? If you answer that “yes,” then in most scenarios you aren’t leveling the tower you should and are leveling a different one. The only scenario where it may pay to get a few more exp for a level would be if you were like level 83 and were X EXP from getting a level to uncap dragons and only had like 10 days of speedups. Then it may be useful. But for the most part, you should level the tower that is best for your base regardless of the EXP if provides.

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Wow off the subject bro. Please don’t go off man people like me like to know how much xp a build gives to next lvl.

That’s not off-topic. He’s absolutely right + the link he provided shows the amount of xp per tower upgrade, so, it’s exactly what you’re looking for:



That’s so stupid programmers need to learn how to make a game I’m glad I uninstalled war drangons. No more for me and they deserve my 1 star rating for good.

While agree that the information is available elsewhere, the suggestion was to make it available within the game.

So, suggesting a “fan-run” site is not really addressing the OP’s concern.

I’m at a point where it doesn’t matter. (Basically, all my towers that I am leveling give the exact same XP, and it takes four to get one level… Every time.)

But, I could see how this would be useful.

If space is a problem, maybe have the XP bar fill up to where it “would be” when you hover over the building upgrade button.

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