Builds crashing game

we have a few on our team who are stuck in the event unable to build. they have lumber as well as timers. their game however, crashes and the build resets and their event points have stalled. no one is telling them anything. one player has even factory reset her device. im curious if anyone has a solution? sadly idk who to tag

There’ve been other reports of sync issues regarding having the max number of towers. e.g. two red mage towers on the base and three in storage, then trying to build a sixth

Or are they running into a different issue?

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no this is different. they try to upgrade a current tower and it gives them the sync error and they have to log back in

Okay, they should all put in tickets in-game if they haven’t already, and then you can include the numbers here. Maybe PX can log it as a larger issue vs isolated.

@Arelyna @PGEggToken

Edit: Or if someone already has, ask the others to log it with that as a reference.

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I understand same issue can happen if they have more than 5 of that tower in storage + base then trying to upgrade one. Previously this was apparently ok but now any tower that has more than 5 built will throw up a sync error.

I hope this issue brings about an option to sell back towers for return of rss :crossed_fingers:

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