Built In Game Translator

With the world getting smaller everyday how awesome would it be to have an in game translator so that people from different parts of the world could communicate with each other. In this game, to my knowledge we can’t even copy words so that we can translate it outside the game. Quite frankly, the chat portion of this game sucks. Sometimes I think I’m in Team chat and suddenly find myself in League chat because someone in League said something. Check out King of Avalon. The one thing that game has going for it is a built in translator. It’s not perfect, but it works well enough and for times when I need a better translation I can copy and paste it into google translate which I don’t seem to be able to do with this game. I’m currently trying to talk to a Russian girl. I don’t speak Russian, but fortunately she can speak a little English, but not well according to her. You would have a wider audience and more varied teams if you got a built in translator. At least put in a copy and paste function so I can use Google translate.


A generally unknown fact that I have learned from someone before is that Google Translate is unreliable because it often gives inaccurate translations :eyes:

In regards to your suggestion: this would be very nice to have. Someone else actually suggested this before in some other thread, and ironically, started it the same exact way you did. “We can’t even copy words to translate outside of the game”. But yes, an in-game translator would be extremely helpful, and much quicker, given how many different languages are in this game, and how diverse the player base is.

The main issues it comes with is grammar. For the most part it is quite accurate



Just have to use simple language. Watch contractions, avoid slang and idioms.


There are like 69 threads with this same exact proposal 🥲


Well, I happen to know that the Russians have a built in translator. I guess PG figures everyone needs to be able to see it in English. Very short sighted of them in my opinion.

No… changed over to Russian game and sure enough there is no translator… maybe they have a keyboard or an extra phone with Google translate, but no built in option

Yes…can we have this? Even if the grammar is off it would at least make it POSSIBLE to communicate with players from around the world…


Even if it’s basic translations for requests sent by the system (e.g., I need xxx lumber to build…) would be helpful.

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