Built2Burn is looking for a few more pyros


We are looking to shed some dead weight and unwanted alts, and to fill those slots with active, social people who love to fly their dragons and burn sh… stuff. We are an online family with members from around the world who take care of each other and look to progress as a team.

Ultimately, we would like to climb to a home in Sapphire but for now are content to grow and work our way up through Platinum. Many of us have Sapphire experience, and know what it takes to stay there, we’re looking for people with the dedication to do what it takes. It’s really not that hard.

From our team info page:
Strength, Honor, Integrity, Discipline, Covfefe. 18+

Does your significant other say you spend too much time playing War Dragons?
Does your work morning drag by as you anxiously await lunch hour so you can see if your dragon has hatched?
Do your teammates ever tell you that you talk to much in team chat?
Do you get home from work, decide to burn off a few multipliers, then the war starts, then teammates need assistance, then you get new egg missions, and now you need to gather some food to feed a dragon, then Oh, look! it’s 3am!? If so, dude you need serious help. LOL

Actually, you might just fit right in. We all strive to find the balance between real life and our addiction to the game.

If you are mature, socially active in chat, regularly support your teammates with rss and provide backup during attacks and defenses, and are always looking to learn, Awesome!! So are we.

We are open to players of lower level, or mature acting younger players. If you want to join a hands-down awesome team, please send me (HieronymusB2B) a mail and make me want you on our team :wink:

We will be getting Atlas access when it is offered to our league (timeframe is up to PG) and many of us have beta experience, so we’ll be up and running quickly.

Team Requirements:

  • 18 years old minimum. Don’t lie either. Even if you’re older than 18 but are an immature punk, move on, we’re not the team for you.
  • Level 50 minimum. If you’re less than this but absolutely must be on our team, email our leader or officers with a well thought out proposal. Impress us.
  • Conversational English comprehension and usage - sadly, we are not all multi-lingual.
  • 5 Flames in every war. Tell us ahead of time if you can’t fly for some reason or you will forfeit your spot on the team.
  • Be social with your teammates. Communicate with us. You don’t need to constantly chatter, but be civil and answer when spoken to
  • Participate in events. There is no good reason for 0 contributions in a 5 day event.
  • Use of Line app is highly recommended. We share info and socialize some there, supplemental to team chat

Why are we Built2Burn?

The answer lies in the very nature of the game.
We gather lumber so that we may build our defenses
so that others may come and fail in their attempt to burn it down.
We gather food to feed our dragons
so that they may unleash their fires in righteous fury
to burn down the buildings of our enemies.
We breed our dragons
so that we may discover new dragons
with strange and wondrous new ways
in which to burn our enemies.
Flames conquer all
both in the giving and in receiving.
In the end
everything must BURN!!!


What’s your min Lvl

I am Lvl 73 atm (growing quick lots of timers)
my friend Blackhawk is Lvl 78

HouseTargaryen is current team name

Let me know

Were very active waraholics


The team info page will say something, it varies from time to time. But really if you are an active player who will check every day for wars, then your level doesn’t matter much. We’ll help you grow stronger. :wink:

We’ve had an infusion of new blood, and are rolling again. We’re unlikely to have a bunch of slots open at any given time, but one may well appear from time to time.

Drop me a line in-game! I always love to hear that someone saw this on the forums.


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