Bullhorns efficiency

what is the most efficient/effective ways for building troops using bullhorns.

Basically every bullhorn replaces 4000 hats, nothing you can really do more or less efficient there. Only if you use a lot of them (something like 100+) on the same day there is a diminishing return where you get less for each bullhorn.

It starts to coast more way earlier and gets raised in 3 steps. 12k revive coast 6 horns, goes in 3 steps up to 9 horns.
Personally i think the coast should stay at 6 all the time without extra coast. Pg wants us to attack and kill troops, but most players stop at this point when coast raises. A lot of players would kill more per day without the coast change, would result in more troops they rebuild at some point( more money for PG).
So basically the coast change for too many revives lose them money :man_shrugging:

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It most definitely does not, I’ve burned through at least 60 horns today and I’m still paying 6 horns for 12k.

it sure does I have asked this question before why it raised but do remember that this is old before uppage of hats so could be less or more


Same like is said coast will step by step go up, 12k from 6 horns to 9 horns. May go higher but never tested it.

If you haven’t hit max bullhorn cost, you haven’t lived!


Just leave this right here.

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Thanks, nice find! 3 days of troops, with elite, means 130 bullhorns, so pretty hard to hit.

I agree, it would be a daunting challenge to hit, but I’m super glad they remembered to adjust for elite when implementing this mechanic.

I think the most I’ve hit in a day was 30-40 bullhorns I’d been saving up. I try to save my diamonds for speed ups.

it seems it starts going up sooner then that tho hit it every pvp :thinking: and im not using 130 bull horns lol

Yes it goes up earlier. But no one believe me when i said :man_shrugging:

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oh i know it does lol i do it quite often most folks dont see it because they still have hats when they train but if you are at 0 you will it it go up after about 18m gold used

Not with Atlas elite. I have tested this. I have made 18k troops in a day from scratch (not revives) using bullhorns and not hit the diminishing returns threshold. A day’s worth of troops is based on how many farmers would spawn in a given 24 hour period. So 3 day’s worth of troops would be your spawnRate x 72 hours = threshold for diminishing returns.

Regular atlas spawnRate is 2880, atlas elite is 7200. This puts the thresholds at 20.7k and 51.8k respectively. Given the information PG has given us, these numbers follow the described mechanics. Once reached, one should expect bullhorns to produce 3000 farmers each until the next threshold when they’ll produce 2000 each. PG mentioned after that it diminishes in a inverse exponential manner.

i have atlas elite i said gold not troops lol so 12k x5 about it starts to head to 7 hats

Gold has nothing to do with bullhorns.

uh im talking about using gold wise its about 18m gold on revivable troops then it ends up rising to 7 hats

and u dont need gold for bull horn usage sweet since when? @AnthonyAjax?

i would like to know how u use bull horns without gold buddy so seems it kinda does :roll_eyes:

Play semantics all you want and play guessing games all you want. You can’t argue with the numbers. Diminishing returns is based on troops created not gold spent. Gold requirements are constant depending on amount of troops being created and don’t change behavior, while bullhorns and farmers are subject to totally different rules.

If you were paying attention, the limit cannot be anywhere near 18M gold because that only creates 18k troops, which is ~1/3 of the threshold limit for diminishing returns for atlas elite.

All you are doing is giving opinions (in an almost indecipherable manner at times) and not actually adding anything helpful or constructive, so I’m curious why you are seemingly just trolling?

you do realize you that its like 3m gold to get 12k right with horns?