Bullhorns not giving 400 troops

So I built a lot of troops over the weekend with bullhorns and sometimes they gave me the 400 troops and sometimes they didn’t I contacted support and they gave me a stupid reply and tried to tell me, because I used rubies instead of gold to supplement the missing gold I didn’t get the option to build 400 troops. :confused: I don’t understand how gold has anything to do with hat and horns. Since some of you know more than support can someone break this down for me. BTW this is pathetic, I need to go to the forums for a real answer because support doesn’t have one. @PGDave My ticket number is 1071770

Just to clarify, did the bullhorn not give 4000 hats?

bullhorn provides 4000 hats/farmers

1 troop revive = 2 hats/farmers
1 troop trained = 10 hats/farmer

400 troops = 4000 hats/farmers

If it doesn’t have enough gold to train them, it will use rubies. If it doesn’t have enough hats/farmers, it will use bullhorn.

Hats/Farmers doesn’t use rubies to compensate the missing amount.

Also to note, that bullhorns give up to exactly 400 troops. So it’s wise to plan your troop amounts precisely if you are building with bullhorns.

1-400 troops will use 1 bullhorn
401-800 troops will use 2 bullhorns

No it did. I got 350 I’ll take a screenshot of what support had to say about this. They confirmed I only got 350 for 1 bullhorn and 390 for another bullhorn

Read my statement above. Make sure to adjust your exact troop count numbers don’t just rely on what they have given you specifically. Do the easy math calculation based on your current hats, and add 400 to it and type that number in.

Don’t use the slider bar, get it exact to make the most out of your bullhorns

Look at my screenshot. I put 400 troops and it asked me for 2 bullhorns

possible that there is a glitch on bullhorn that the cost reduction is affecting the amount of peasants that you can get.

if we deduct 15.8% from the 4000 peasants we get 3368 peasants. can you try training 336 troops to see if you get asked for 1 bullhorn and then turn it to 337 and see if it changes to 2 bullhorn

Did you already use bullhorns on that day, or was it the first time?

I did that to see what was the limit but it changed all the time the first time was 374 troops then the next time it went to 390 troops it didn’t decrease over time it fluctuated. I literally changed the number by one to see exactly where it was asking for the 2 bullhorns instead of 1. :thinking:

I did use some that day that wasn’t my first. This is the first time I noticed this. Normally I get 400 a bullhorn

I don’t know the exchange rate between ruby and gold and just for guessing this, it is possible that it might have cost more than 120 rubies if you trained 400 troops with your missing gold that time. Since you don’t have much rubies, it only gave you that amount + the leftover peasant from the bullhorn went to your total peasant count

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My understanding, though not confirmed, is that bullhorns are similar to energy pack usage. After so many uses in a day, you get less per bullhorn. My understanding is that after 4 used in a day, you will get less back from it.

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You can’t buy hats with gold/rubies. Trust me I tried:rofl::joy::joy:
edit: @Turpentine4All I used 6 horns for 2.4k troops right before so maybe but I don’t see this anywhere and support is telling me something totally different.

@Kenshiki this isn’t the first time I’ve done this where I’ve used rubies to make up for gold. It tells you what you need. (1 bullhorn and 110 rubies) I had the rubies

What I mean is that your ruby wasn’t enough to buy gold and only gave you the amount needed to train that amount of troops.

The rest of the peasants that you got from the bullhorn went straight to your peasant count.

Hopefully Dave can shed some light on it for you;

Hope it gets sorted

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Ah yea this seems like a likely culprit here.

You said that it cost 110 rubies and 1 bullhorn, you only had 114 rubies in your screenshot so that’s where the limit may have came from. Not sure if these happened at the same time but the coincidence in uncanny

I just tested it. When you don’t have enough rubies it send you to the shop it doesn’t adjust. @PGDave I could really use a response from you.