Bullies in atlas

I’m getting somewhat cheesed off with atlas.their are stupid small minded bully boys who think it clever for gold tier teams to hit lower level teams on a daily basis causing total chaos when it comes to troops and castles.having complained to PG on several tickets.all I get is rubbish replies.pg don’t give two hoots.so we’re going backwards again.it has been stated that atlas is a PVP game rubbish.in PvP,s teams get matched in their leagues.seems to me that atlas is for those who spend spend spend to get prizes.its about time this rip off got sorted out

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are you trying to say that y’all are attempting to keep a castle as a silver team??


We’re not a silver team

What are you if gold teams are bullying you?


Over a year after this and the OP still seems just as confused by Atlas:


I’m sorry, but if you are going to complain about atlas, don’t use it. In fact I know teams that are looking to take over an atlas team. You should consider a merge with one of them. Or just hand the team over shrug

Please don’t come on here and complain how atlas isn’t fair. You’re lucky to have it, many teams don’t 🤦


Do you really want me to name and shame

Not interested in naming and shaming but I am interested to know what league you are in


You’re not explaining your problem and even what you say is hard to understand. And you’re not asking for help or offering game suggestions, you’re just carping. How do you want people to respond?

Complaints of bullying in Atlas don’t get a lot of sympathetic listening because competition and swimming with the sharks is the nature of this part of the game. If you’re a very small team trying to hold a castle, you’re going to have a hard time. You have some minimal protection in the form of team rank scaling and level scaling, but if a team just want to be jerks or want to take your castle, that may not prevent them. And if you are good glory to them, you should try not to be, try to make a deal, make friends, or learn and get better at countering their attacks.

Maybe you shouldn’t try to hold a castle if you’re small enough to be bullied by other gold teams. Yes it gives you some benefits and a place to store some stuff, but at some point it’s just a vulnerability, a place where you can be attacked.

(If this isn’t on a castle I don’t even know where to start.)

edit: There are ways to address whatever problem you’re facing. It may still not be the game you hoped for or the game you want to play, but if you’d explain and ask for help, people here might be able to give you some suggestions.


So they’re bullies because they hit you? Well that’s how atlas works. You hit other people and you earn glory for badges. If your team makes themselves an easy target then you’re going to keep getting hit. Get over it and work to not make yourselves such an easy target

Think of Atlas as a highly Darwinistic and Machiavellistic environment. Either, you find a way to fit in and battle your way through the different obstacles of gameplay, or you will be extinct rather soon. There is no right to hold a castle, it’s a privilege.


If they are gold, you are not silver, and you are lowered levelled then that means you are gold as well. This is really not a major difference in ranking and by far not enough to warrant a cry of bullying.

Atlas has its flaws, sure. I’ll give you that. But you have put yourselves in a position where you are making yourselves profitable to be hit. Whether it’s the fact that your good glory targets, you have really stepped on people’s toes, or you just aren’t ready for caste ownership.

Hell this could be a strategy to slowly bleed you of troops to enact a takeover. It’s a valid strategy. Annoying for the recipient but still. They might even be trying to take the caste but it’s taken multiple bubbles as they haven’t been able to finish it.

There are so many legitimate reasons for hits. You really haven’t given us any details as to why this definitely is bullying and not just people making use of mechanics in game to try and further themselves and you just happen to be what they think is the best target. And if this isn’t based on castle ownership then we are gonna need way way more detail


This is a player vs player game. In the case of Atlas castles it is also a Team vs Team game. If that is to much for you then I suggest avoiding trying to keep a castle. No offense. Hope you figure it out.



No joke, its Sapphire 1.

No way! Seriously, it’s a good job you wrote no joke or I would have thought you were joking.
Did he mean diamond instead of gold then maybe?
Surely a gold team can’t bully a sapphire team.


I have no idea. I pinged him in game, figured maybe was plat 4 or something. nope. S1. Mind=blown.

maybe op was saying that they would like to be bullied by more gold teams?


Well he did say “gold tier” not “gold league”. Maybe he’s being bullied by Whalegnawer.


Sounds more like talking about a mini team…?