But but but ... it’s a war game

we hear this a lot as an excuse for poor game play. PG I think it’s time you reassessed atlas and focused less on helping bigger teams usurp others from their castles and more on making the hitting of low teams less appealing to higher teams.

I’ve read the ‘bio’ of a team that is currently sitting in sapphire/diamond that boasts of large and impressive conquests, yet every time I encounter that team they are on a plat castle where the top player is lower than their lowest player.

I’ve been watching a plat ii being hit by a sapphire ii team all weekend. Over and over and over again … eventually one of their castles bubbled and it became clear the sapphire team is after the plat team, not any team behind them.

The shit glory they are receiving is not incentive enough to discourage them, so you need to find something else to level the playing field. How about extending the enfeebled function to cover all primarchs above the max level of the team being hit at their own castle when a team hits a castle that is well below their level? Or something more relevant to further discourage this behaviour and bring enjoyment back to the game for those who are not in sapphire or diamond?

… and you ‘new’ factions with all your big talk of bringing fairness back into the game … how is this ‘fair’?


People dont want fair usually…they want equal.

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Fair call. Where is the equality in that?

As long as Atlas is still open world and no forced level restriction in leagues (or teams), discouraging (lessening losses for the little one and gains for the behemoth) is the best possible solution for attacking down IMO.

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Also…PG allows you to progress while doing it and in fact, builds incentives into doing it. So expecting people to stop seems unlikely. The worst place you can move is up in general, for both rewards and mechanics.

so from the situation you described the team blocking the castle the attackers should have some protection then how does that attacker team suppose to get through.

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for both attackers and defenders.

Harsh game for a weak heart,

By fighting hard. But the fight gets leveled giving the defending team more chance to protect their castle. A Sapphire II team hitting a Platinum II team is an uneven playing field. The request is for PG to find a way to even that playing field, thus making it less appealing for a Sapphire II team to hit a Platinum II team (over and over and over again). There is no request here to disadvantage the Sapphire II team to the point where they can’t bubble the castle, it’s about giving the Platinum II team a fighting chance.

As someone put above, its about equality.

Otherwise, the higher teams just run roughshod across the board.

Indeed . a game without strategy and without challenge … i’d like to see it improve. Maybe less people would leave the game.

Hence the suggestion.

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The problem i think here is that many teams have platinum teams as gates. Causing the Sapphire teams to have to go through the Platinum teams in order to hit the intended target. With that said, the Platinum team is getting hit purely because they are protecting a team of a higher rank.

Let’s give everyone max max bases and eldritch dragons because “equal”.


Why does a level 51 player have 76k troops on his prim?

The only reason I can think is to try and exploit the glory mechanic that means that attacking team gets crappy glory for trying to bubble through.

I assume that primarch was a taunter, yes?

How bout you use some common sense and not keep 76k troops on a single primarch. :rofl: I’d hit you too.


There is a point here , dealing with a troublesome diamond team at the moment myself , but besides all the knuckle heads out here , there has to be something done , idk what but something , like maybe a way higher troop loss to teams attacking way below their team tier ,

There’s so many of these threads with so little detail. I find it so hard to believe that a team much stronger than yours is hitting you just for the sake of hitting you. There must be another reason that perhaps you’re not seeing.

In my experience, Diamond teams don’t just randomly pick on lower level teams for no reason. If you’re getting hit, there will be a reason

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And yes b4 people try and say that teams will exploit this , higher teams don’t care about the bad glory so what’s really changing nothing , just maybe a little more reason for teams to handle their own battle instead of always calling for big help

Yes the reason is one of their lower saph teams keeps crying out to them to help them , when that team started something , sometimes they are just bullying other teams , well we will not stand for it

My team is a lower sap 3, getting hit by diamond , almost nightly over and over and over again

So there is a reason then. It’s not just random, there is an attack/counter-attack situation going on and for whatever reason they’re calling in their Diamond overlords (I’m assuming to help them hit you) and for whatever reason, their diamond overlords are heeding that call and are hitting you.

Are you hitting their castles back?