Buyer be aware of hacks

So, it seems like this game can be hacked, and support guys have no idea how to deal with it. I have been playing this game for 3 years, and I have supported it with money by buying here and there. I have opened up some support tickets, and I have received replies to them to my email.

Last week I was no longer able to login into the game. It acts like my email is wrong. However, I am still logged into these forums with my email, and I keep getting automated email updates from here. So the game says my email is wrong, yet these forms recognize me just fine, and I have old replies from support team in my inbox.

Naturally, I asked support to help me out. Well, the support team acts just like the game does, they keep telling me that I am providing wrong email information to them. And they are ignoring screenshots of the replies they themselves sent to my email in the past.

So, it seems that a hacker can somehow register a new email, essentially stealing your account, and both the devs and support are clueless. At this point I am thinking the only way to proceed forward is to start recalling the payments I have made to WD.

TLDR - game has a vulnerability, devs don’t know about it, support team doesn’t care.


Are you using correct case? If I use uppercase rather than lowercase it will reject my email.

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In this forums “Preferences” under “Account” you can see your own linked Email addresses. I don’t know how it relates to the actual WD account but I would say it’s worth a shot looking if you can change it back through there, or check if you made a typo/used a different address and forgot


The email is in correct case. My preferences on the forums list it correctly. I have replies in my inbox from previous tickets. I am 100% sure my email is correct. Even this forum knows it is correct.

The support team just doesn’t know what they’re doing.

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@DragonPunch @PGJared

You two may want to check this one out.

I don’t want to piggy back but I think a lot of people remember me I was the one who speak out about hackers couple of weeks ago. With encouragement from this community, I have started reporting team players who hacked this game. Now, my main account got banned. I think someone reported me or hacked me. I DM to PG and also send the email but no help. I am not surprised people don’t speak out here because there is backlash and you won’t geg any help from PG. Lol


Heard the same from a friend. Crazy stuff.

Only it was a long long long suspension

Man this should serve as a warning people are so up tight and snowflakes when it comes to being called out learn to grow up and not stay a toddler or heck you all who are backlashing a lot should just go touch grass heck I think I should go touch grass sometimes.

Heck I think something is rather fishy when it comes to big veteran players most the time like maybe they are abusing their power, apparently they must not listen to Spider-man’s quote on power.

Note: I’m just so frustrated knowing this even if I’m not effected by the email situation that I can’t think but trust is lacking in the trust department now a days especially here. Seriously shouldn’t the game be fun?

Wait everyone I’m the only one here that thinks that is obvious that someone can easily steal any account with the Delete ID function? They doesn’t even need to be a hacker to do it, it only takes one “share of the info” with a “friend”, that’s the reason PG warns about sharing accounts and terms violations, if the email is no longer logging into the game could be because of that, btw, even if you change the pocket id and put another mail you can still log into the forums, idk why but the forums account is a separated version

Just look at me I’m not Usukun at the moment, I was when I first created the forums account, but I’m still Usukun in here, the forums account doesn’t refresh the info

Delete ID function?

So if you have support change your game email, the forum stays the same…is that what causes suspension ? Im unsure what secondary email is used for. I have primary and secondary…was going to change info once upon a time…hopefully it doesnt lead to this issue ugg

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I think he’s saying he changed his in-game name, but in the forums the update is not reflected here.


Yes I meant to say that, sorry if it’s hard to understand, English is not my first language, the first time I log in the forums my in game name was Usukun, now my in game name is Verschleiert, but the forums profile still shows Usukun


Don’t apologize. You were fine.

Then again I’m a veteran player so I must be abusing some sort of “power” and just be a fishy person.

Fishy like Nemo or Dorie :heart_eyes:

Can I suggest that before you start criticising other people’s posts, you check the grammar of your own contributions?


I do currently have Swim Shady, Panda Alt 378 (Aka Panda who is turning into a very old fish man), Panda Alt 982 (Aka Chunk), and Panda Alt 634 (Aka BigBoi).

Flush has since lived up to his name and there are some tiny fish I haven’t bothered to name because I legit can’t tell them apart.

So yes I guess I’m a very fishy person. :relieved: