Buying a Castle? Castle for sale?

So, whats up with buying a castle? We’re a plat 3 team right now and we have been looking to get a castle and all advices have been to buy one. We’re looking for a level 2. How much does it cost to buy one? Is anyone currently looking to sell a castle?
Any help would be appreciated, if you wanna contact me in game my name is DarkQueen316

Buying a castle the traditional way costs 3+ hours of 30+ primarchs with an average of 200k troops each, if you count bubble, then cooldown costs, and an averagely defended castle with a 5ta that also call in a few friends.

Some teams will put in the above effort, or get lucky with a poorly guarded castle, and then ‘sell’ the result for ingame currency like gold, prices I hear are over 1B, Castle Guards, or timers (your players or alts join their team to speed their infrastucture). Price also depends on the alliance you are in.

“Selling” has become common since there has been no new land for over a year. Most teams have jostled to where they have what they need, and no surplus.
Even if you have a benevolent sponsor in a higher team they rarely have spare. Only as teams disband is there a reasonable rate of castles changing hands.

You can always try the top team who openly stated that the easiest way for them to get gold was to conquer a level 2 and sell it.

I have given away about 20 castles in my time, almost all in the early days of land openings. In more recent times I have gifted one where I sought applications that looked at a teams merit - how many did they already have, how active was their team, what connections did they have to a 5TA and 20TA to help them sustain it.

PG want to encourage castles to change hands, but the cost of loss and conquer is high, which is why teams will make no hit deals with neighbors to try and insulate themselves from as many conquer attempts as possible.

This leaves the many neutral and nml gateway castles which require constant investment in troops as they get eaten away for negligible glory return, and significant ongoing troop loss. This is always the most commonly available, and needs your team to be very well prepared for the 24/7 defence needs, or at least the 3 hours of cooldown.

Not sure how much help this is. I do hope PG are aware of the issues of land availability and attainability to the extent they are planning more land opening or something equivalent.


There are about 15 lvl 4’s you can have for free!!!


True! This speaks to the cost/benefit. 30% permanent-troop loss and/or 9 hour cooldowns are beyond most teams tolerance for pain level.

i could give you their coords :joy:

Damn, makes me wanna stay castleless honestly

It’s a biased view. If you don’t mind an access castle, there are teams giving them away for free so long as you don’t bubble easily.

Access T2 castles typically go for less than 150M gold, often below 70M, sometimes as low as 10M.
Safe castles are…honestly not worth buying if they’re for sale.

If you’re gifted a castle, lucky you. If you manage to conquer one, lucky you. If you decide to stay castleless, all the power to you. Have fun farming people with castles.


Anyone gifting access castles or giving them for a low price?:joy:

Any teams you know still giving away these castles

Depends on your alliance; you should ask them. I’m not an authority on those teams, honestly.

Still working on all that, i made inquiry about buying because we don’t have a whole team thats into atlas for atlas, some of them only use for xp.

Well, there are LINE rooms where you could ask, for sure. But I believe you should look into finding a 5ta at least before seeking out a castle.

We are in talks for a 5ta, but i still wanted to just know if people are giving away kevel 2’s for a relatively cheaper price or no.

Only if you won’t bubble easily. They’re out there if you don’t.

At the end of the day, it’s up to you and what you want to purchase but I would not recommend an access castle as a first castle especially since you don’t have an entire team dedicated to Atlas beyond XP. I can’t see how this would make an enjoyable experience for you guys. Access castles get hit a lot especially if they don’t have the big level players parked there. Soooo

Talk to your alliance and see if they can help you get a safe castle. Staying safe means you get to learn the mechanics of Atlas and castle ownership without having to take a bloody crash course while you’re being hit . . .

My 2 cents.


We have big guys, and a strong team, we’re slowly filling up with people who are into atlas, i see your point about getting a safe castles though.

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Well, best of luck hon!

Thank you!

It sounds like you have a plan and are working in the right direction. Holding castles does need people who can maintain troop levels, and like a good fight. It’s like war waves, an atlas battle generates energy in the team! (As long as not all day every day)
Best of luck.


This can be a great path for the right group of people. With nothing to defend you are free to raid anyone and not in much need of allies. You have to get glory to progress, though, as you’ll rely on the atlas season for resources.

You could also try to take access T4s right before pvp bubbles go up so you have land part time. Just make sure you empty the banks and clear your primes off before the event ends.