Buying packs (all packs)

Recently I have tried to purchase the pack that evolves ember to purple tier. But every time I have tried it has said error purchasing ember evolution pack. Please fix this War Dragons team and you will get your self a lot more money.

pretty sure the ember line of packs is expired. might be the issue?

The ember stone is there until you get to a certain tier of dragons, I think it is Green Legendary. Lower players like myself still can buy Ember evo stones.

PG had it open to all for 2 weeks at release.

Everybody is still eligible to purchase the ember pack one time in order to get the stone. The pack is just hidden from view for those who are green legendary tier or higher or haven’t yet achieved the required level on ember.

If he sees the pack in the store, he should have no problems purchasing it so this sounds like an app store error to be honest. Have you checked that your app/play store is up to date and all the proper permissions are in place?

I have had a crap ton issues in the past of apple App Store. Yeah so it is probably that.

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