BW Thanksgiving food what are you making

Me if I make anything probably be Mississippi slide everyone freaking out because I said I don’t think in cooking for Thanksgiving why do people do that omg it’s just food why people get mad when you always cook for Thanksgiving but when you don’t they lose their minds I’m still thinking about it but I don’t feel like it I may make some greens and dressing and some coquito that’s about it some people need to relax

Ever heard about commas? They’re really great, ya know.


If you’re trying to insult me by thinking I cannot use grammar in properly miss me with that fecal matter thia isn’t a essay why so I must use correct grammar every freaking time or you just think you can have usufruct methods as you like yes I do have a vast vocabulary but only to those that I need to use it with

That still don’t mean you write like that


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Lots of Thanksgiving spirit in this thread.
I will show myself out…

Hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!


I think Dumbledore is just trying to say that this thread might be easier to read and follow if there were breaks. Either it be a comma or a period, but a run on sentence just is long and chaotic at times.
I don’t think they were trying to insult you but help you. Just their words might of come off insulting due to it being over text and not face to face. So stuff like sarcasm and other things like that can’t be seen through text.


You reading with your eyes like really is it that serious to criticize how a person types

Like I made this two hrs ago 5 flavor rum cake because I want something sweet

Yes you might be reading it with your eyes, but you’re understanding it with your mind. Some people minds get jumbled up when there’s run on. They might like a break to help them understand what they read.

Again don’t think it was criticism just a helpful little tip.


Well I say that’s a mental health issue

nice idea I do like food

perhaps we could add a few recipe if we have any crackers

perhaps some of you have a good Chinese or Indian recipe you would consider sharing…

Not really. It’s just how some people process things, doesn’t mean there’s a mental issue. There’s been a few times myself where I’ve read something and had to read it again because I didn’t process shit. And I don’t have mental issue, just my eyes read things faster than me brain can process sometimes.
Run ons make rereading harder to do.


But whatever…this isn’t the thread for this type of talk. Take Dumbledore’s words how you want and ill take them how I want. But let’s get back to the topic of this thread and leave it at that.

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I do have a Thai dish that I make called peanut butter chicken it’s good but too hot for most people because they like their food spicy if anything I visit family for Christmas since we get together and kill a pig and eat it

nice i like hot

we have just made some chilli jam with naja chillies i bought. Its like a rocket…lol

Can’t do hot more ACID REFLUX

lol…yeah but we need the details man…….the recipe that is no details of the reflux thing you’re talking about

Yeah, grammar and punctuation can even change the meaning of a sentence!
Like: “Lets eat, Grandma” vs “Lets eat Grandma”
The first one, for instance, suggests getting something to eat with Grandma, right? Whereas the other one suggests actually eating Grandma. Big difference!

Not to mention who wants to read a run on sentence anyway because having commas and other forms of punctuation kinda let people have a brief rest or pause before continuing and also helps separate each part of the sentence making it easier to read so people don’t get lost reading it which does actually happen do you get what I’m saying? See what I mean? It’s hard for anyone to understand!

On the Thankgiving food note, as an Aussie, I don’t really celebrate it… nor does any other Aussie I know. A couple of my uncles live in the US though, and they often talk about having roasted turkey and sweet potatoes for their Thanksgiving dinner… which actually doesn’t sound too different to our Christmas lunch: roast chicken, turkey, ham, roast vegetables, punch, and a few various other things (like pavlova, etc). Definitely not even remotely the same as Thanksgiving, I know, but it’s the closest we have, sadly. I do hope to one day make it to the US and have a proper Thanksgiving dinner there!


You don’t get to demean mental health issues because you refuse to do basic grammar to make your one massive sentence intelligible. Nobody cares about your “vast vocabulary” if the sentence leading up to it has to take 5 minutes to get through to make any sense out of it.

Happy Thanksgiving. My “essay” is done. (And legible.)


Here is the recipe mines has alcohol in but this is the recipe without the alcohol

Directions to bake

you missed the alcohol? … are you mad