BW these were the fun times, kinda fun

Did us kids have a ritual on where we spent our Saturday morning watching the TV shows every Saturday morning like clockwork

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That era of waking up early on Saturday mornings is gone……
Our kids will not know that joy!
The internet and our technology has ruined our kids childhoods! lol :man_shrugging:

Sad but it’s true……. Seems to me the interconnectedness of today’s society does not include waiting for Saturday to watch cartoons.
In fact our society is focused purely on placation of the physical ME.
No anticipation
No restraint
Waiting for good things builds an appreciation of the reward of having patience it teaches restraint and how to manage gratification and the simple fact that good things are worth the effort of waiting for them……
The lessons we learned as kids are not being taught and passed by today’s society……

They want it all and they want it on demand to bad they can’t appreciate it as much.


What’s funny they want everything now,this now,that now, get married now,get divorced
Most dont even know how to cook where the ability to learn is at your hands, we need trade classes back in highschools

Yes. It is all the fault of the schools. They certainly don’t have cooking classes in high school or on YouTube.


I don’t think there’s much wrong with kids nowadays.

Nothing a deep recession wouldn’t fix

No it’s the powers that be to make slaves to the system ask any young mind what want to be when they grow up most will say something in the lines off entertainment/or business but not know what business they want to do

My dad told me about the punch cards he used when he took a Fortran class in college. I don’t know how people got to be good programmers back then. I at least had a PC as a kid with an actual editor and compiler.

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I can honeslty say I’ve never heard a kid say they want to go into business lol. Entertainment yeah. I mean hell I wanted to be a rockstar. But I think it depends on what you’re exposed to. “Young minds” are exposed to entertainment so of course they wanna do that when they’re asked. Then when they get older they’re exposed to other things or other stuff becomes more important. When I was in elementary I wanted to be a veterinarian. Suffice to say I’m not. Not gonna say it’s because I’m a slave of the system tho lololol.

Ehhh. Broad statement. Some truth maybe? Not not entirely true. There are many powers that be that try to make things better and are stuck in an old mindset that needs to change for progress to be made. Sometimes experience hinders as much as it helps. It breeds arrogance quickly

Entertainment? Some sure. But I have worked with children for years now and I have not a single time heard anyone say they want to go into business. Never. Football, sure. Specific fields? Sure. But business? No. Not a single time in my fairly extensive time.

When you speak with black children you will hear what I typed in

Excuse me? I have? That’s a bit condescending assuming I am ignoring an ethnicity. And also a bit of a reach to say you speak for all of one ethnicity

I can speak on it because I was one of them, and I changed my mindset after certain circumstances, I asked myself this one question and that was the question that changed my look on life.

Most black children want to be in the entertainment zone because that’s what they see on TV same with sports, but no one ever tells them the truth about professional sports.

Just like amusement parks requirements, like sports you gotta be this tall and have this kind of build, in order to play

Also you must excel in what ever your position is, now football wise you have a 3% chance of making it to the NFL, this is where the truth is never told to these children. When they don’t make it the are mad at the world some fall into crime, lashing out for not going to a NFL team, other variables play a role too into making it

Music is another thing there is rules to the rap/rnb system like I’m big on education if you know who they game is played you will be better prepared, music it’s almost always one sided, benefit to the company not the artist.

You can speak for you. Not everyone. Your personal experience is your own. Mine differed.

Sorry sweetheart me and some friends did the math that’s how it is


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I remember this but do t know the name

Teeny little super guy

Please crop the lower part please

I loved hear him.scream

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Idk how ill just delete :pensive: I figured shorts aren’t an issue