By PG's own standards

How would you say PG is doing with War Dragons?

Keep it constructive, please.


As successful as Paradise Cove…

I’d say they’ve failed on all 5 points.

Instead of answering the OP question… I took a quick look at Tap Paradise Cove itself to discover PG’s history with that game. No content update since Feb 2016. You can read about the forum community’s opinion of the game here… . You can also read the most recent reviews in the App Store. You don’t need to ask a hypothetical question… just take a look and draw your own conclusion.

I do like the link to This is an excellent reference if you are serious about understanding mobile games and their development and trajectory.


If I were to rate War Dragons after those 5 points:

  1. Release Frequent Content Updates
    :heavy_check_mark: Yes.
    Some players even feel like they are too frequent, but it seems like PG is slowing down a bit since Harb tier. What’s missing is new features that give depth to the game without always adding new revenue streams.
    5/5 :star::star::star::star::star:

  2. Continuously Iterate on Key Features
    :heavy_multiplication_x: Not so much.
    PG seems to put way more creativity and labor into creating new features that are focused on adding revenue. I consider key features as wars and dragons, hence the name. Combined with social aspects, teams, leagues and competition, this is what the game is about. Wars get absolutely no attention, dragons are very hard for PG to design right as they don’t really understand their player base and years old balance issues between dragon classes are most likely never going to be fixed.
    2/5 :star::star:

  3. Integrate Truly Social Mechanics
    :heavy_check_mark: Yes.
    PG seems to be quite good at this. League chat, team chat, chat rooms, a mailing system, the new alliance chat rooms and offering platforms like a new forums, social media sites, streams and much more really helps building truly social networks.
    5/5 :star::star::star::star::star:

  4. Expand the Core Gameplay Loop
    :x: Nope.
    The game is heavily drifting into a direction where it’s more and more about mindnumbing grinding and PvE battles, many players describe the game becoming a chore or a second job. The core gameplay seems to become less and less important, PvP is being more and more revenue focused and constrained by gating mechanics and costs through events and Atlas.
    1/5 :star:

  5. Talk to Your Players
    :white_check_mark: Yes.
    There is a lot of talking. Much more than in other games I have played. But a lot of talking doesn’t necessarily result in tangible results that satisfy both sides. And finance seems to have much more influence on decisions that the customer. But we keep talking so I guess there is hope, let’s not stop talking.
    4/5 :star::star::star::star:

So my final rating for War Dragons would be:


I would agree with MareZ assessment. Some aspects of the game, particularly the social/team aspects, hit the marks described in this article. Where the direction is lacking is items 2 and 4 - I think that the developer effort that has been expended on Atlas would have been better spent on incremental improvements and additional features to the core gameplay in the original game.

(disclaimer: I don’t have Atlas access, so I may be biased…)

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