Bye bye, forums


Red, your amazing site and game insight made my gaming experience much more enjoyable and fulfilling that it would have been without you.

Thank you very much for your efforts, you are irreplaceable in the context of this game and what you brought to it, and to us.

Thank you ⚘
You will be missed.
Best wishes and good luck :blush:


At this point I cannot blame you. But for what it’s worth from me, thank you for all your help over the years. It has been beyond helpful.




I would disagree, never underestimate the joy of being a troll :slight_smile:



I think you are right


This is really, um, alarming. I mean, when you consider everything all together- all the major players leaving the game, the desperate marketing strategies by PG to try to entice players back to the game, and the complete silence from PG for a SOLID WEEK after the player base has been begging for some kind of sign that they are invested in continuing this game… it’s not looking good, friends. :sweat_smile:

Not only that, but even if the game does continue, once people like Red and Mech leave, what do you have? They are the real backbone of the game, not PG employees. They are the ones who spend hours of their free time making up breeding plans and spreadsheets and website guides to help us.

And if Red believes that PG is no longer going to be using the forums to respond meaningfully to player feedback (in as much as they ever did), well, she’s a lot closer to them than I am. So it really worries me.


:scream: @TheRedDelilah u get your smexy rump back here lol!!

Will miss u… :disappointed_relieved:


Well, damn!
You will be greatly missed and for sure PG is losing serious s#it here. Now I’m worry about the breeding paths (thanks again!!!) but end of the day, if PG doesn’t signal WD survivability it doesn’t really matter. Great support to the community nonetheless, gratitude from the playerbase I’m sure means a lot!


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If you think these 2 individuals are the backbone of the game then kudos for discounting the work the CF and GPF do. Good job on minimizing the work everyone in the community does to make the game more enjoyable. I think you should leave with them :slight_smile:


… They are part of the GPF and CF too I guess


You can only bang your head against the wall so many times… You will be greatly missed Red.


I did say

That would easily include the CF and GPF, I think… :upside_down_face:


Red, you are one of the few voices of reason on the forums; you will be sorely missed. I really hope it is just the forums you are leaving.

PG should have embraced all your suggestions to allow this game to flourish, rather than the sad state we are in now.


The work of these individuals is highly visible and they have been providing players access to work (yes, a “lot” of effort has gone into what they’ve been doing, althought Red said she was leaving the forums, not the game, nor InfoGeeks). I don’t know what impact the CF and GPF have had in the game or for the players, or how much effort is made, so cannnot comment either way. But, I don’t think Jenny’s comment was meant to take away anything these two groups have contributed and I believe Red was a member of at least one of them for a time.


Arn’t you touchy today. I dont think she was discrediting the work the CF and GPF do. Although I will question how much they actually accomplish… CF are just advertisers and GPF i think get ignored a lot.


no more paths ?


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Looks like there is no longer a reason for me to stay </3