Bye bye, forums


As if whales would even need a breeding path, and we all know they’re the ones those unobtanium tiers exist for. :eyes:


Whats it like to worry about breeding?


I’m quitting the game soon, don’t ask me. I lost that worry ages ago.


What a gatdamn shame


I know you’ll miss me terribly. :kissing_heart:


:chains::atom_symbol: like the sun misses the moon



Sad to see you leave. You will be missed


Sad to see you go. Your work has helped ALOT of players. And I’m sure it’s all appreciated. I know I do. Thank you much


Breeding paths are over rated. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sad to see you go, Red. Your presence will be missed.


Another non-spender quitting… I’m sure PG is terrified right now. Whatever will they do?


That’s not entire true…
But since Google refunded the last purchases, let it be your way. :slight_smile:


Wow Red. You will definitely be missed. One fewer voices of reason to speak up.


All this idiocy of trollers and kids… This is not a drama, but a good idea to follow :thinking:


All the best!


bye red
wish you not quitting the game also maybe we have no joy playing but we still can enjoy talking to people it’s a social chat app more than a game that’s why people still there


You sir are a bully but more like a minion lets get our serious faces on


No, not a bully. Just don’t like seeing people trashing a player that actually contributed to the game.

I don’t know if my comment fitted you or not, and don’t care nor will I go up to see if you were one of those. You can do whatever face you want, it belongs to you for the better or worse. I just sincerely hope it doesn’t match with your writing


My writing is waaay worse but am i writing?
Bully af