Bye bye, forums


Nothing happened, which is kinda the point. Game still has same core issues it had 3 years ago. No amount of Forum outcry, GPF input or anything has made PG make meaningful changes. So whats the point of even trying to influence PG on forums.


But they’re reading and listening. They tell us that every week.


@TheRedDelilah It is sad to hear that you are leaving the Forums, but I completely understand. Your insight, along with that of several others (too many to mention here), have helped me a great deal. The different points of view have helped me develop my own opinions which led me to breed smarter, build better and keep them in balance. It has helped me with many different aspects of this crazy game. I’m sure you’ve helped many others as well.

It’s apparent that PG doesn’t seriously consider, nor implement, many of the suggestions in the forums. Even if your suggestions/ideas are never considered by them… they have been very important to the rest of us here. Your guides and advice (and that of others) have helped the rest of us make the best of what we had to work with. I just wanted you to know that all of your efforts have been (and are) very appreciated.

A humble “THANK YOU!!!” just doesn’t seem to be enough.

I wish you the very best!


I wonder if, intended or not, Red’s announced leaving will be jarring enough to PG, or create enough outcry, to facilitate any sort of change. One may hope, but I’ll not be holding my breath.


Here is a list of things that might be happening and some things that might not be happening, feel free to place your bets as to whether they influence PG to do anything:

  • Red quitting the forums
  • Multiple other pillars of the community quitting the game
  • 10% of active players in the 200+ range having gone inactive in the last 40 days
  • the clouds over San Francisco parting, a great light appearing in the sky, and a booming voice that shakes the heavens shouting “STOP BEING SO STINGY, POCKET GEMS”

1 happened, 2 is happening, 3 has happened, and if 4 happens, I’m sure they’ll send a nice response to valued user TheLordOurGod letting him know that they’re listening and discussing things internally.

Anyway: really sorry to see you go, Red, but I get it.


Speaking of community pillars leaving…don’t you go and join them. If nothing else you best keep trolling the forums. Also, if you don’t find a way to force PG’s hand into incorporating Batman music into the game before your aforementioned theoretical departure, I will count you and everything you have or will accomplish in your natural life as a complete failure.


I had to log into the forums to deal with something and I just wanted to express my love in return to those who gave it. I wish you all the absolute best and thank you so much for your kind words.

Ending my compulsive checking, reading, and moderating of the forums was the best decision I’ve made. I’m popping off again now.



Red, when you took me into Rulith way back when is the reason i kept playing and you taught me how to play smart ! I’ll miss you though you dont prolly even remember me :joy:
Stay schwifty!
( - dem/demented7/rage - )


She’s back :eyes:


Probably we need to trigger more flag if we miss her :eyes:


Yep and she closed a juicy before @MikeH8sDisGame was able to finish popping his popcorn. :joy:


A second time I believe…


What do you mean? :thinking:


I think this has something to do with flagging


She is letting me know she cares <3


I know. I yelled at her for coming back before I could Comment :joy:

I wish she stayed away lol


Let em burn I say (the forums that is).


Yup burn this shit to the ground. All it does is piss people off anyways, PG doesn’t listen to us.


Dude, this is my LC. Why you wanna ruin my game? :roll_eyes:


*sneaked into GristleGrinder…  
nothing here…