Bye bye, forums


I’ll be sad to see you go Red, your breeding paths have been phenomenal and a great help for most players. On that note, not to shame or talk badly about people but when is everything “enough”. There have been so MANY players stating that they will be quitting and not coming back but ALWAYS come back days if not weeks later or even create “alt” accounts to keep in touch. I understand that people want to stay in touch with their friends, etc. but PG is never going to make a change because those in “power” can’t keep their own word. If you honestly want change then leave and don’t come back. Eventually people will get tired of the breeding paths and other paths not being updated and COMPLAIN. (As shown in the past when breeding paths were taking down, people complained). This hot and cold attitude isn’t going to work and giving in just proves to them that they aren’t “in the wrong”.


I didn’t say I was quitting the games. It’s the people on the forum who drive me bonkers.


Me too, Red. Me too. I can’t bring myself to quit though. It’s like watching a train plow through a heard of cattle. :rofl:


No, I agree with this fellow. It is incumbent, on you, Red, to walk away permanently to fix the game for the rest of us. This is literally the only thing we need for a perfect gaming environment. Do the right thing!


There was a time Red didn’t make the paths. There was a time where other paths existed, and if she were to leave, other people would make their own paths. Sure, they likely won’t be as good, but her breeding paths alone aren’t all that give her more influence than the vast majority of the rest of us.

TL/DR: Red leaving would not help anything - it would actually hurt the community for more reasons than just losing the breeding path guru.


Pls don’t use my signature 7-letter word. It’s all I have left.


But driving you bonkers is fun!


Are we the cattle in this analogy :thinking:


Hmm, Liz wonders how many pillars of the WD community would need to actually quit to get PG to shift into high gear to actually fix things instead of having meetings about how they will fix things.

Off topic: I am loving your snazzy new forum title :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Enough of the ones who spend $2k or more per event, the only pillars who matter in the long run.

Well, my top choices were rejected as “inappropriate”, “against the TOS and all standards of decency” etc so I had to make due.


I can’t even imagine spending $2k on this game, let alone with every event :scream: I simply don’t make enough money to even consider dropping that kind of cash on a game :sweat_smile:

Off topic: If that one was the one that wasn’t against the TOS of the forums, I’m super curious what your other choices were :rofl: I have no idea what I’d want to have as a custom title for myself :thinking:


Some people don’t know how to deal with other people. (Being rude and petty just to show off how “smart” they are while exuding zero grammar skills and basic comprehension of how the English language is used.) So I don’t blame you. Some people are really quick to jump down people’s “throats” just for not agreeing with everything they think. Good luck and thank you for the Breeding Paths, I’ve made good use of them myself. Everyone needs a vacation, even from games.


Wish you all the best!