Bypassing Attempt counter

I just watched this happen on my team. One guy was attacking a teammate of mine in war and unable to get 7 flames. He got up to 5 attempts, according to the war screen. He then flew at least THREE more times but instead of quitting or completing the attack he ‘timed out’. This did not increase the attempt counter because it stayed at 5 the entire time.

This is a blatant exploit and would appreciate it getting fixed ASAP.

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Was it a war banner that the attack came in under? Or a regular defensive banner? Attacks made outside the war interface menu aren’t supposed to use up attempts…

Nope. All war banners. I defended every single one. And you can see the potential bonus flames in the top corner.

Hmmm… that is a problem then. You have filed a ticket with support?

Do we know that the game can differentiate between war and regular banners on the user’s end and display them appropriately? I am curious, haven’t had any wars with new system yet so idk :hushed:

The timing out seems suspicious though. I would have hoped the game would count attempts on initiation rather than conclusion as a safeguard against the use of abnormal battle termination as an exploit

It can. A player from that team attacked outside of war and it registered as a regular attack

Ticket # 1718936

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Sounds like something that might happen on an



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Wasn’t that fixed months ago? Although with all these updates since then, something could have been turned back on :woman_facepalming:t2:

Well wars did get a major overhaul so I wouldn’t be surprised if new exploits are found or old ones resurface


Or an old trick that they can’t seem to fix


I don’t know if I’m reading this differently. But the way I read the OP was they were able to join the attacks, but instead of quitting the run, the attacker was “crashing” the app (think this happens when you close the app? Idk, I’m not an ass I’ve never actively tested it) which was causing the run to fail, but not adding to attack attempts.
Or did I read that totally wrong :sweat_smile:

That’s how I read it. Only used that to save multipliers when a low level jumps in before my pre-arranged backer.


If this is the case, I wonder when the run “counts” and if that timing or conditions could be adjusted to be less exploitable?

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I guess there’s no easy solution.

  1. You allow “crashes” to be mulligans, people exploit

  2. Crashes count as hits, people (understandably) complain about the frequency of crashes and how they can screw you out of your hits.

It’s a lose/lose for both PG and the player base. Best you can do is choose which scenario sucks the least and stick with that one.

I vote number 2. I agree crashed happen but I would rather it be “by accident” (faulty coding, bad connection, etc.) and happen to both teams, rather than let an exploit be taken advantage of.

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I suspect it is more complicated then we think but we are not talking about legit crashes. I’m guessing there is no way for the client to detect or record that the phone has been put into one mode or another.

PG could implement Bidirectional Forwarding Detection during war attacks, use the average latency as the interval and then flag any attack with a long gap but otherwise normal response as suspicious. Players who accrue enough flags get a war time out.

Basically yes. They attacked in war attempting to get the 7 flames. When they died they ‘crashed’ the app in order to avoid the penalty of having their run count.

Considering that the new war system is designed to limit attacks and can mean the difference between a win or loss, it smells like an exploit.

Maybe when spells are actively used? I would think that above most things shows that a person is actively trying to attack. :woman_shrugging:t2:


I can confirm. If you force close the app it doesn’t count as a personal attempt. I didn’t check the team attempt count. We had a war and I got triple defended, so dropped out and reattacked to lose the third defender. My first run didn’t count against me.

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Not during war but just normal flight with Multiplier, I lost service walking into the apartment and my wifi picked up from LTE, I was over 50% flying and game crashed. Loaded back up, multiplier still there and no heal time. So that is a good question. (Havent tested since then either) :thinking::thinking::thinking: but does seem to be a bypass as OP stated.