Calavore rune advice

My current set up looks like this.

giving me 41% rage gen and two extra shots
my question is would it be worth it to remove one of the 8% atk glyphs and replace it with this rage/ammo one.


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Looks like a solid setup, I wouldn’t change a thing. Great rage regen, good boosts in attack power for bursting, now all ya gotta do is learn to fly it lol you got this :muscle: how’s your armor and rider?


I’d make the switch, yes. Calavore needs rage and generally speaking, Ammo > Atk, especially for a dragon that’s as ammo dependent as Calavore. (And more rage means more cloaking that’ll give you more ammo back due to the 33% regen)


I agree with fiery, the rage and ammo will be beneficial


Me taking my notes

Oh Fruit loops the set up is beautiful

That’s generally the best set up for Calavore anyone will get right now if they have all mythic runes and glyphs for him

All that is missing is the mythic rage glyphs

i ended up making the switch imo it was an improvement in performance at the cost of not having full mythic line up :sob:.

thanks to all for your votes


So this came up also in my TC, and I was actually wondering if this is really always correct.
Assuming you have research up to 11 ammo (the harb research is unreachable atm for me lol) and a mythic ammo so starting from 13, wouldn’t giving +1 ammo actually be like +7% attack? And so in that situation, assuming you’re doing fine with rage generation, wouldn’t +8% attack from another seasonal hunter be better?

I know this is not OP’s situation, but I’m still trying to choose what to use as my 3rd glyph.
Maybe @Morreion has thoughts on this? [I know, I always ask you, but I trust your advice].

Adding my current setup for reference

With maxed gear (over 100% boosts), 8% boosts less than 4%.


Ah that’s good to know.
So looks like that rage/ammo glyph would be the best addition maybe. If he even needs it.

Yes. It’s worth noting that CrossOver’s refill is affected by max ammo as well.


Thank you Orca :smiley:


He will need it :joy:


Isn’t it refill only 33%

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Yes, 33% of max ammo of the dragon


1/3 of max ammo. So if you have 11 ammo it is likely 3 ammo. 13 ammo it gives 4 back, 15 max ammo it gives 5 back, so on so om


Huh never know that
I though it only affects the original ammo of 8 from hunter
Guess my choice from dumping a ton of ammo on this guy is right
Also my sleepy eye thought orca said it refill ammo by max lol which is weird cause I don’t think she make this kind of mistake


The amount of ammo this guy needs is most likely going to be costly when I get him no glyphs for rage except my legendary wisdom glyph 24% attack might be good I still need a mythic rage rune and a mythic ammo rune, and if I happen to find a rage glyph I’ll figure out what it does cause I’ll need anything whether it’s a legendary or mythic glyph