Calavore so fun and my Season MVD

Hi all, got Cal on Sunday and just got to spend quality time with him this evening. He is soooo fun! TBH I’m not the best hunter flier on earth (pretty mediocre actually) and I feel like he’s not nearly as hard to learn as I thought he’d be.

I’m usually slow to hit well with hunters and I’m hitting a bit above my level after only an hour. Think what he’ll be able to do when I really get good!!!

I’m having so much fun with him!! If anyone is on the fence due to all the bad PR about his difficulty… take the plunge. You will totally not regret it.

Cal is my Season MVD (Most Valuable Drag)
Don’t be scared!!!


Can I get the footage pls?

Totally agree season MVD loving :heart: Cal very fun n makes the game fresh n fun again. Now I just gotta figure out to Cal proof my base.

What tier you on?

Agree… Cal is fun to fly :smile::smile::smile:

is conflicted too go for Calavore again

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Follow your heart hun… whatever makes you think you’ll be happy to fly with

Well the problem I have with mythics is they must hit up if it cannot hit up high enough why have it? That’s the conflicting answer then you here that this dragon is fun too fly it’s like do I save rubies now or just spend some?

Well, you can always claim them both, we still have 6 weeks/events or take the easy way out with :dollar::money_with_wings::dollar::money_with_wings::dollar::moneybag::credit_card::credit_card::credit_card::credit_card: :sweat_smile:

I rather be F2P plus the limitation comes with age

I can’t wait to get Calavore!! Unfortunately I like shinny things so after spending almost 25k sigils on the trading post last week and the mythic glyph this week, im a bit set back. Can’t wait to fly it tho! Have fun!!

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Calavore honestly isn’t that bad skill wise undefended - he’s quite easy. Not too bad poorly defended either.

Proper defense is where the skill struggle really is.

So if you don’t care about defended runs, I’d get him, he’ll be useful and quick for undefended runs.


You know how wrong that sounds, yes? :smirk:

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LOL! @Mahdur it was actually “almost” that good! He’s super fun. @WolfWitchLuna no footage yet but I’ll try to send some this evening. FYI I’m 504 at verdant. After about 3-4 hours with him I was feeling really confident at my level. Again, I’m not trying to pass myself off as an excellent hunter flier. But he’s so dang fun.

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He is a lot of fun, so far undefended there hasn’t been a base under 80bil defence I can’t easily take


I’m not quite that good yet (limited practice) but I sure do enjoy this drag. With all the chatter on forums about his difficulty I just wanted to get word out there.

Oh good god not that mind set :joy::joy::joy:


To be fair, and with all due respect to you, people were most likely talking about his difficulty defended, not undefended

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Oh agreed for sure. I just know I was intimidated and I have teammates still undecided so thought I’d chime in with my own “worthless” 2 cents :slight_smile:

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Hmm the problem I have with opinions it’s like Pg marketing a new thing or assault, etc.
one time I’m discouraged then another time I’m like okay what the hell do I do now, this mythic is fun?
Then here’s the second problem I have with defenders I have trouble getting any in matchmaking, like the motivation is very low and I defend when I’m hit.