Calculate Tokens Required after Fragments in Breeding

I’m looking to understand the number of breeding tokens required after applying a certain number of breeding fragments. I thought I would find this in the spreadsheet vault, but perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

Here’s an example. If I breed Rendard with Icicle and Ursa, Red’s guide says it should cost 47,775 tokens after discount. I want to determine the number of tokens required if I apply 100 egg fragments first. For a known set of potential dragon offspring, I am assuming there is some known probability of breeding a given egg that is dependent on tier and strength. Can someone point me toward this information?

You will have to do the math by hand, using the total number of fragments, which for Renard is 700.

If you apply 100 mystic fragments, you’ll have 600 fragments remaining to breed. The easiest way to get the cost is to get the cost-per-fragment first, then multiply by the fragments remaining.

So in this case:

  • 47775 tokens / 700 fragments = 68.25 tokens/fragment
  • 68.25 tokens/fragment * 600 fragments to go = 40950 tokens to go

Thanks! This was great information!

Or go here

Under Info, put the amount of Fragemts you want

Scroll down to the wanted Parents


This is great for almost everything

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