Calculators & Lookups: Breeding, Feeding, XP & Time to Level, Evo Stone, Speedups, Dragon Finder + List/Abilities


Here’s a link to my Google Sheets tool for various different things.


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  • Breeding Calculator
    • Used to help figure out how many egg tokens and mystic fragments you want to use for a dragon
    • Can also help you figure out how many additional tokens are needed to reach your event goal
  • Feeding: Tells you how many levels a dragon’s stored XP will take you and how much food it’ll take
  • Basic XP Details (elite, total per multi, total daily)
  • Various XP Calculations (how many days/runs)
    • Number of Days to Level for a Given Target XP (How long with it take me to get 15M XP?)
    • Number of Additional Runs to Reach Target XP (That’s too many days from above. How long will it take to reach that in 10 days?)
    • Quick Reference Section (useful for whatever your upcoming breeds are - update it to suit your needs)
  • Target XP Lookup (figure out how much xp you need for expert, breedable, or another level)
  • Seasonal Divine Evolution Stone Lookup
  • Speedups (1m - 12h & packs) & Actual Days (percentage reduction from research)
  • Dragon Finder
    • list of dragons and their abilities and list of abilities are hidden sheets, preview below

Must make a copy

A copy must be made from File > Make a copy (direct link). On mobile (download the Google Sheets app), this is 3 vertical dots (upper right) > Share & export > Make a copy.

This started as a little experiment with Google Sheets functions, such as database functions, so I’m pretty sure that an export to Excel wouldn’t work out well for the lookups; XP is just arithmetic, so that should be fine.

Update Log/Upcoming

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Update Log, Abridged

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  • Aug 18: Removed the L16 cap from the Target XP Lookup (left it in on accident, oops! thanks serendipitysy)
  • Aug 26: Updated the Target XP Lookup section to add Total Food, Minimum Level, Den, and Storage.
    • Minimum Level, Den, and Storage use whatever the highest applicable level is, so Breedable Level, Expert Level, and Target Level.
    • The previous version is in a sheet called XP Archive 1.
  • Oct 10: added breeding sheet
  • Oct 21: Breeding: added partial fragment process
  • Nov 2: XP: added remaining obsidians/fall 2017 divines, max xp calc; removed quick ref; fixed circular ref in evo stone error checking
  • Nov 6: fixed Breeding sheet dropdown, thanks xYDNAx
  • Nov 18: Breeding: Added mystic fragment to egg token equivalent
  • Nov 18: Dragon Finder: added dragon finder/dragon list/abilities (covered below)
  • Nov 21: Fixed Breeding and XP (broke it when I made the dragon sheet more readable); fixed XP for red and green tiers - ty TheTXI
  • Nov 22: Target XP Lookup - Validation fixed, named range got converted to static range - ty ModMat
  • Dec 13: XP, Max XP calc section: added Atlas, Mine; Dragon Finder: added spell descriptions & clarified spells and rarity; fixed swapped emerald/obsidian rare abilities (working copy was fine O.o)
  • Dec 19: Breeding: Added Scenario: Just tell me my event score!
  • Dec 27: XP: Corrected reporting for Storage and calculations for food in Target XP Lookup


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  • Jan 20: data updates (dragons, abilities, xp) for Obsidian Mythics, Winter 2017 Divines, Harbinger tier
  • Feb 12: Updated XP for players above L186 & updated Neptus data
  • Feb 19: Fixed Max XP Calc issue reported by Grumpybigbird noticing an inconsistency with rider XP - is base * runes and glyphs and research * rider and mine bonuses vs base * everything stacking as it originally was
  • Feb 25: Feeding: fixed issues with L1 and/or 0 XP, blanked out if any fields are missing; added Nydryr, Anuba, Kirin, Ember, Ochre; codification revamp
  • Apr 14: Feeding: Added Den Level field, Level Cap from Den Level, XP Needed for Den Cap, XP Needed for Expert Columns & formatting + Data: Added Fomhar & Samhrad
  • May 31: Feeding: Added a column for “Food Needed for Next Level”
  • July 9: Fixed codification for mythics, fixed Springveil, added Huitzil
  • Aug 9: Data: Vanguard, remaining Harb and Summerflare
  • Sept 26: Added token cost per frag to accomodate discounting
  • Oct 1: Data: fixed Rizar going to L35 in Feeding + removed hardcoding in XP; updated higher level XP caps, Vanguard Mythics, first wave of Duskfall
  • Oct 16: Breeding: Updated to use new scoring
  • Oct 18: Aristrat & Prospero added
  • Oct 25: Finally updated for scaling
  • Oct 31: Added elements, ty to KisSarkany, + Somnus


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  • Jan 15: fixed elements, Feeding v2, winter season - Post #132 with more details
  • Feb 9: Skoll & Hati + Empyreans added
  • Feb 13: Fixed XPSum shift for the most recent several additions
  • Mar 13: Springblossom + more data in changelog


  • If there are requests

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Such art. Much value. Very ITIL. WOW.



Secret identity revealed :scream:

Edit: Oh yeah, there used to be preview images, guess I’ll readd those after the update.



@forScience I figured out that next-level indents can be achieved by putting an additional two spaces before the character for bullets (either * or - , both work the same). I’ve gone ahead and fixed the post for you. We all learned something today!


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ITIL! :hugs::hugs: thanks!

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\o Breeding now includes partial fragment progress.

If you want to use partial fragment process + the event goal, make sure to update it accordingly (assuming it’s all from this event)! If you don’t have any fragments, then make sure that it says 0. The original version is in Breeding v1.

e.g. You start with a goal of 7,500 for Frostbiter and get to 670/700 fragments just from egg tokens. Assuming perfect RNG, you’ll have gotten 6,868 points (check your actual event points, of course), so you’d want to update the event goal to 632 and that you have 670 egg fragments.




Updates for the XP sheet:

  • Added remaining Obsidian tier and Fall 2017 seasonal dragons
  • Added max XP calc (@MareZ had asked after ages ago - needed for “True” Base Level as well, so added for both) - research, runes, glyphs, rider
  • Removed Quick Ref (still available in XP Archive v1) - to make room for max XP calc and reduce clutter
  • Fixed a circular ref from Evo Stone lookup (remnant of error checking testing)

“True” Base Level and a redo of codification for later on, unless there are other things that would be more useful before those :smiley:

I also updated the steps for downloading on mobile, which uses the three vertical dots or added a direct link version in the first post (yay /save). I personally use the spreadsheet (more complex/intensive version) on a desktop most of the time. :see_no_evil:



Maybe I’m wrong but in the breeding event tab there are no obsidian dragons in this version.

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Fixed, had shifted stuff over to named ranges, forgot about the breeding tab - thanks!



Thank you, amazing tool!



I love it :heart_eyes:Thank you so much. It will be very helpful since this coming breeding event I am trying to complete two platinum steps. Thank you so so so very much



I was asked about egg tokens saved per mystic fragment today, so I’ve added that to the Breeding sheet, Breeding Details section (highlighted below). :tada:




This looks awesome! Thanks for your hard work :+1:t2:



You’re welcome :smiley:
[insert imaginary horizontal rule, too lazy to redo in HTML]
\o Finished updating what I had mentioned in the Compiled Spell Breakdowns thread. There’s a new sheet for finding a dragon, somewhat in a card format, and update to the dragon sheet (normally hidden) and the addition of an abilities sheet (also normally hidden). I’ve dropped descriptions and stats for abilities, as keeping that up-to-date would be pretty daunting.

Dragon Finder Edit: Also has descriptions now.

“D” (Dragons) Tab showing the Emerald and Obsidian Sections

Partial Screenshot of the “A” (Abilities) Tab Edit: Also has descriptions now.



How can one improve a masterpiece?
That’s how.
[claps standing up]

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Except when I broke XP and breeding - fixed now! :see_no_evil:

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I can’t tell if I’m an idiot or what but it seems like the whole green tier of dragons is off. I first noticed it when I was looking up XP for Urd but also noticed it for munin.Dragon2

As you can see the numbers are way off (or am I really just incompetent when it comes to using this calculator?)



:see_no_evil: I see what it is; I have a backend thing to recodify everything that I was putting off for the future. I’ll do a temp fix for now.



I didn’t notice you mentioned “fixing it” before I posted my stuff until after I posted. I then kept redownloading the sheets and thinking I’m some sort of major league idiot for it still somehow not looking right and figuring I wasn’t downloading the fix correctly.