Calculators & Lookups: Breeding, Feeding, XP & Time to Level, Evo Stone, Speedups, Dragon Finder + List/Abilities


It’s fixed now \o/; it was pretty much having you feed a garnet, haha. I had lazily hacked something together back in blue tier and never went back to update how I was doing things (let’s see if this works style) - lack of futureproofing fail.


Edit: I should’ve been clearer in my post, had only updated the title in my sheet. Sorry for the confusion :slight_smile:


Thank you for the quick updates. Looking much better now.


Obsidian Tier is still missing :grin:


Fixed - Sheets converted a named range into a static rage O.o

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Don’t know if the people who shared will see this, but please let people know that they need to make a copy (or use the direct link in the first post). I’ve gotten a couple share requests :see_no_evil:


Awesome tool.

Any chance of adding a “Invader % bonus” tab? Currently using a workaround by using the additional % on “rider” tab, but can have rider and invader :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Other than that very cool :slight_smile:


Its too good a tool for WD players.
I have a small suggestion in dragon lookup. I know its pretty tough to crawl all the dragon data already, but adding spell description would make this spreadsheet even amazing (might be asking a bit too much).
As an alternative, you could add spell description in the “A” tab itself and I would still definitely find it very useful. ( I won’t ask for videos don’t worry :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:)


Love having data like this and the fortification planner, as a beginner it’s really nice to get a better idea of how things will scale later on.

You sure saved me some disappointment come feeding day, now I know I need massive upgrades to my den before I can actually use all the xp on my main divine. Need 18 levels on my base to even use up the xp he already has, pff…


The bonus on the mine? Thought about that the other day then forgot :joy: . I’ll add it later today.

@xxxLUFFYxxx I was originally going to have description + stats in the A tab but removed that due to maintainability. I can readd basic descriptions, though, if that’ll still be useful. I’ll also update the tier description to be more friendly for divines :sweat_smile:


Yep, make it a dynamic field, because its different for each person === eg they have to add the % manually :slight_smile:

Very cool tool though, 1048 runs till lightning pony is expert…


Sorry for spam, but it was lightning pony in the concept art. Now its like lightning donkey :rofl:


@Gox1201 @LuffyXP Added the more minor changes (Mine Bonus + epic/legendary clarification). I’ll add the spell descriptions later :smiley:


@LuffyXP Dragon ability descriptions have also been added to the dragon finder page.

And… I found that emerald/obsidian legendaries somehow had their abilities flipped, despite being correct in the working version. :woman_facepalming:


I’ll I’ve played with so far is the XP page so far, but my goodness this is great. Awesome job.


I was feeling supremely lazy… added a “Just tell me my event score section” to Breeding :see_no_evil:


Edit: Seems that I can’t edit my first post anymore :thinking:
@PGEggToken Is there a setting to toggle, maybe?


:wave: Fixes -
XP: Corrected reporting for Storage and calculations for food in Target XP Lookup

I’ll poke EggToken another time about being locked out of my own first post (suspect it’s tied to settings, as others are also locked down) :zipper_mouth_face:


Thanks again for all your hard work!


Topic Editing is unlocked now, you may update away @forScience


:wave: Jan 20: data updates (dragons, abilities, xp) for Obsidian Mythics, Winter 2017 Divines, Harbinger tier
Updates for Neptus to Harbinger will be done when the info is available sometime after the 24th

It doesn’t seem like anything :boom:, but we’ll see :sweat_smile:

Huge thanks to Sandberg :smile:


:wave: XP table has been updated for those above L186 + updated Neptus (forgot about that one :sweat_smile: ) + just removed the note that it didn’t have 186+ yet when it now does

:green_heart: wonderful source