Calculators & Lookups: Breeding, Feeding, XP & Time to Level, Evo Stone, Speedups, Dragon Finder + List/Abilities


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Thanks for putting the time into this and sharing it!


Hello @forScience I was wondering if you would be able to do something with this brilliant coding you have done. I am looking at it and thinking this could become an awsome feed event calculator. If you use your target xp lookup and coding. I have fiddled with it a little and know almost nothing about code and am making it no where. I honestly dont know where to go with it but would love to see if you could make this happen. I have fiddled with it a bit but don’t want to step on your toes with what I have done, but I also know you are probably the one that can make this work if anyone can. Reply if you are intrested in seeing what I am trying to do. Also sorry if you think what I am doing is disrespectful I just wanted something that could help lower lvl people prep for the feed event.


Sure, just send a mockup screenshot of what you’re thinking of. I can probably do something on the weekend.


this is what I currently have but the part that I am having a hard time with is making it so that the “current xp” column will be used to figure out how much food you are going to use to get the dragon to the max lvl you can get it to with the amount of xp you have built up. I have been playing with this for a week and trying to make it work and figured if anyone can the original writer of the sheet can. I can send you the link to exactly what I have done so that you can see what I am trying to do.


I could see doing something like:

  • user input fields: dragon dropdown, current level, stored XP
  • reverse lookup with the fields above to calculate total food needed and remaining XP
  • think the mockup is showing
    • XP to expert
    • days to expert (could probably do a toggle for unboosted, 100%, 200%)
    • food to expert

Also, the screenshot shows your email, not sure if you want to hide that (or remove the image). :see_no_evil:


Thank you for that I already get enough spam as is.

See I would never even have thought of most of that. I use to do web design but never anything like this so I get the concept but the language is very hard for me to understand. I removed the pic but you know what I was working towards I know that this probably will not be easy so thank you for taking on the challenge of making it work. I have been looking up everything and reading everything I could to try to make since of how you got it all to work in the long run I just had to copy what you had and figure out how to make it some what work.


Thank you!! I was looking for this for a while…one masterpiece


This would be very nice, those are pretty much the exact columns I have in my own manually made spreadsheet, except I didn’t manage to calculate total food needed at current XP properly. For now I’m guestimating it by assuming that 60% of XP to expert means about 60% of food to expert, but it would be nice to have an accurate calculation.


you can actually use the calculator as it is and just adjust the ending lvl to get the correct amount of built up experience on the dragon but than you have to reset for each one and keep the totals on another page than total it and I think you are looking for 24 million food used, but unsure.


I had a lot going on over the weekend, so I’ll be poking at this some more this week :slight_smile: . I already have it pretty well worked out how to do it, just need to actually do it now.


You’re such a nerd. In a good way… :rofl:


Thank you so much and I know what you mean about loads of things going on. Thank you very much for taking on the task. I know that it is not easy, just looking at your coding, and I know that we all have lives outside of the game. I hope that your busy weekend did not keep you from having some fun.



To quote a famous leader, "Impressive. Most impressive. "

I hate sheets… But you’re making them dance.



I’ve found that rider XP stacks AFTER any rune XP boost is taken into account,

So the formula in your XP sheet cell L4 should be: =K5*(1+sum(K6:K11))*(1+K12)

I don’t know how atlas stacks - can you check it out?


:thinking: wonder if I can bribe Dave into revealing Atlas XP secrets - definitely should have tested it some more instead of just going off the summary display :see_no_evil:


Such an incredible peice of data art! As a relative noob level player (a timid 51!), this just cuts out the ‘omg will be make it to breeding level this event?’
I love a spreadsheet, and Mechenegg’s Fortification planner and Red’s shared files have made me so happy!
Much thanks :rainbow:



No Dave bribery needed :rofl:

Fixed - ty!

(result was underestimating the number of runs it took for those with rider XP/mine bonuses)

Also note, those with mine bonuses should be using exact amounts, not the floored amounts shown in-game:

Edit: I’ll put this into a dropdown, so it’s now =K5*(1+sum(K6:K11))*(1+J12+J13/100) .

@PsychOnyx I was around that level when I created a personal sheet that was the start of this tool :slight_smile:


Thanks forsci! :+1::+1:


That is something I’m in awe of, I loved hearing this - yr tech wizardary and mathematicians magic is an inspiration! Thank you for adding intelligence into my gameplay :star:️:blush: