Calculators & Lookups: Breeding, Feeding, XP & Time to Level, Evo Stone, Speedups, Dragon Finder + List/Abilities


@littlekorn0001 @Xexamedes beta for the feeding tab is ready, though I don’t know if those column headers make sense. I haven’t done the expert set, yet, because too many columns overwhelm people sometimes (and can be done in the XP tab) :see_no_evil:. It’d be easier to add if there’s demand for it, though.

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I need one of you for work please. Can you create a cloning device or something? A clone of you would not only save me a lot of time but make me look really good. You have until Monday. Thanks in advance.


waiting for kirin update. banking xp at lev 1


Very nice, and it works like a charm!

Only thing I noticed is that the remaining xp bugs out if you have exactly 0 xp stored. Which isn’t going to happen a lot of course, but seems fixable. I also think that column could probably be hidden to make it a bit simpler, as I don’t think there’s much you can do with the information.

For the wishlist, there’s one other column I had in my sheet called ‘efficiency’, which was basically [ (food needed at cap / xp needed to cap) * 100% ] which is a measure of which dragon is the most effective to put xp in next. Changing it from ‘at cap’ to ‘at next level’ would make that even more useful.

Finally, I’d consider putting in more rows right from the start, they’re free anyway :smile: and you don’t have to use them all. If you want to make it even more fancy, maybe make the white columns go blank as long as no dragon was selected yet.

Thanks a lot for making this, it’s very very useful, and I found half a dozen errors had slipped into my handmade sheet already, so this is far more accurate. Mine currently looks like this:


:scream: that’s a lot of dragons, and yeah, I’ll be hiding the columns when no dragon’s been selected. It’s just a quick wrapper around the actual calculation.

@Luffy yeah, kirin, anuba, nydryr, ember, and ochre still need to be added. They’ll get some sort of anomaly dragon code to fit them in :grinning:


Hey there you have done awesome on this thank you very much for what you have done. You have figured out what I could not thank you. I am going to study what you have done and try to learn from it. You are awesome at this.

  • Now us low lvls can figure out how to make it so that we can get closer to that top prize in one event of a season.


I guess i will have to do my digging now :see_no_evil:


I know that if you find the data the wizard of data and tables( forScience ) can make it work.

  • Feeding: fixed issues with L1 and/or 0 XP, blanked out if any fields are missing
  • added Nydryr, Anuba, Kirin, Ember, Ochre
  • codification revamp (changed all the hidden tabs and things exploded for a while, should be fine now)

@Luffy @Xexamedes


I love the way you spoil us and make us lazy :hugs::hugs::hugs:


So If I am correct this sheet won’t work in Excel right?
And I have to keep look this up online through Google Chrome?

I never worked with Google Drive stuff so its all abracadra for me :joy::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:


I don’t have Excel, but my guess is:

  • XP: The left half of the XP sheet will be okay (so no max xp calc, target xp lookup, or evo stone), as it doesn’t use the database-like functions that aren’t available in Excel. You’d just need to do an XP run and enter the amount that shows up before the multi on the first line.
  • Feeding: nope
  • Speedups: yes
  • Breeding: yes
  • Dragon Finder: yes

Also, you can use Google Sheets offline.




How to you make it through the day without Excel?? :nerd_face:


Casually hops on the Excel-train


Excel is just a spreadsheet, not the only spreadsheet. Google sheets are quite a strong alternative for example.

Now making it through the day without a spreadsheet seems painful, especially for @forScience


I have it on my work laptop, but everything is logged, encrypted, and remotely backed up, so I leave personal stuff off of it. For personal use, there hasn’t been anything I need that Google Sheets hasn’t covered, though conditional formatting cascading and stacking and a couple other things are a weak point still. Still, database-like functions :tada:


If you have and Android device you can download google sheets to it and store a copy of it on that device. I believe but am not sure that you can also get google sheets on a pc or laptop via the google page.


I just use a browser for Google sheets on PC; it’s why it’s not in a particularly mobile-friendly format :see_no_evil:


It works fine on my phone I absolutely love it. My only computer is over 10 years old and dose not have the power of my phone, but it still dose what I need it to do. So wizards what extraordinary task shall you accomplish next. You have already learned to bend spreed sheets to your will and do as you wish. Maybe take over the world?