Calculators & Lookups: Breeding, Feeding, XP & Time to Level, Evo Stone, Speedups, Dragon Finder + List/Abilities


I wish you used excel more than Google sheets :sweat_smile:
Ignore my rant. I will keep repeating once in a while.


I think that I’d be too lazy to do some of the lookups, though. Trying to do those with the index function would be a huge pain and hassle to maintain :see_no_evil:


I’m trying to use it but can’t figure out to. Can someone tell me how to, please?


The must make a copy section up above has a direct link to copy it. You won’t be able to make edits without doing so first.


:wave: A bit belated but updated with Springveil dragons :smiley:


Thank you so much for these guides! However, I’m unable to edit the values on the breeding/XP/etc Google Documents. I know this isn’t War Dragons related, was just hoping someone could explain to me how to use these documents :slight_smile:


Never mind, I’ve figured it out! Thanks again for this amazing tool :blush:



For the Feeding sheet, would it be useful to have a thing for den cap limitations? It’d just be den level to begin with (assuming people aren’t ridiculously behind on stroage). I have to go back through to add dragon requirements (x number of tier legendaries/mythics) to the data set x.x.

New bits are:

  • Den Level at the top
  • Column for Level Cap from Den Level
  • Column for Enough Stored XP for Level that gets highlighted in red if it’s greater than the den level - not sure if that’s confusing or not :thinking:

(Note, this isn’t actually in right now, just a preview before some last fine tuning.)


The issue is getting stored XP for capped dragons :see_no_evil:


For me that does look useful, I may have a load of xp stored on some dragons, but for feeding that’s useless if I don’t have the den to match.

One other number that would be somewhat useful for me would be “XP needed for expert”. I don’t update the sheet daily, and it would give me a number to keep in mind to see if I’m not running smaller dragons past expert on xp runs.


:smiley: I’ll double check some math later and add both in.

Level Cap from Den Level turns red if the Dragon’s Level is too high for the Den Level, and Enough Stored XP was changed to orange instead of red.


All the stuffs is now available and added another field too - “XP Needed for Den Cap,” which is more for divines, as I don’t think I’ll be experting the new divines anytime soon/if ever :rofl:


Awesome, just moved to the new sheet and it’s working like a charm. That half a billion xp to expert for Aibrean looks intimidating though… :joy:


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:tada: It lives again!

I added a column to the feeding sheet for “Food Needed for Next Level,” because I got tired of flipping through dragons :rofl:


And i have been too lazy to even do my xp runs, let alone other things lol


I’ve been running ember and fomhar mostly :laughing: I’ve taking a sort of vacation from the game without actually taking a vacation from the game lol.


:slightly_frowning_face: I’m jealous…
I need to have Necura breedable soon…
Thus I’m running moderate amount of xp run, in the middle of drought…
Why is the food so hard to get :sob:


:wave: Updated with Summerflare Divines.

Sandberg is speedy with Dragon Manager :smiley: . The way that the dragons level changed again this season, so remember to compare based on evolution stone or player level/other requirements, NOT dragon level.