Calculators & Lookups: Breeding, Feeding, XP & Time to Level, Evo Stone, Speedups, Dragon Finder + List/Abilities


enough to screw us up :face_vomiting:


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Anyway, there was a pretty big codification issue with mythics that was fixed. Springveil also got fixed, and Huitzil was added. Vanguard/remaining Summerflare when the last two Summerflare get released.


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The SE vs EE thread is pinned and was auto-locked :stuck_out_tongue:


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Super slacking :tada: added Vanguard, remaining Harbinger and Summerflare (minus Axi until there’s data)


It’s there isn’t it?


:thinking: I’m behind, thought Sandberg was still busy with other stuff :see_no_evil:



is done :tada:


I’ll convert this google sheets to excel, sometime soon… I jus gotta remember to do it.


Hey @forScience, will you be updating this sheet for the new scaling? :t_rex:


mm, I just added an input for how many egg tokens it costs per fragment; it’s a pretty primitive sheet :rofl:


Ah, I meant this part of it in the XP tab—the required XP to get to breedable/a certain level has changed for some of these dragons so therefore the needed amount of runs has changed :sweat_smile: :t_rex:


oh, mm, I pull from Sandberg /leech

For now, people can just do a *.3 and so on as needed :smiley:


Aight cool, thanks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :t_rex:


Hi. Love this spreadsheet. Use it all the time. Have you had a chance to correct Rizar as it experts at 30 and not 35 like the other 2 Legendaries. Also when will the new Mythic Vanguards be added to file?

Thank you for all you do. :slight_smile:


Since Rizar works on the XP tab, I haven’t corrected it for Feeding, yet. I’ll probably just recode a set for it and do it the lazy way :rofl:

For Mythic Vanguards/current season, I’ll add those over the weekend with Rizar. Stuff has settled more :tada: There’s some additional clarification for those too, though, and how scaling impacts them.


Awesome @forScience looking forward to the updates. Much appreciated for all you do. :smiley:


Data: fixed Rizar going to L35 in Feeding + removed hardcoding in XP; updated higher level XP caps, Vanguard Mythics, first wave of Duskfall

Scaling will be some other time, going to add new fields


I found an issue on a whim with the Breeding tab. Back when I had added the extra field for scaling, I changed the *20 on mystic frags to use the new field too due to not thinking and just going “everything with 20 uses the new field” and forgetting about mystic frags being worth *20 points :woman_facepalming:

Anyway, if that made no sense, just make sure to recopy the sheet or copy the formulas over (column D).