Hey everyone,

Over recent months, we’ve had lots of new content and improvements that show PG’s interest at making our gaming experience better. Examples include limited time seasonal lines, dungeons, cost reduction of PvP–even Team Gauntlet has been improved, though that still needs work. For all that, and to be fair:

THANK YOU, PG :slight_smile:

For the same reasons, and to make the game less stagnant, PG has come up with diverse proposals for Atlas. Well, not everyone likes the proposals–far from it–but why not? Let’s give it a try.

With all that said, this topic is about a memorial. We’d like to take a moment to honor the memory of all those flyers we’ve lost and will soon lose due to the huge accumulation of lag and glitches in Atlas.

Once upon a time–a long, long time ago–Aligane, on its own, was hosting millions of troops at the same time! All fighting! Without lag! I’m not a fan of Aligane, myself, but think of it: MILLIONS of troops could be involved in a fight, and actually fight! That time seems so distant now, like a dream, or a legend of a bygone age.

Since then, we’ve slowly started to see more lag accumulate after each patch, until today, when we have reached a point where even sniping can be impossible. Here is a nonexhaustive list of the problems we’ve seen since the last downtime in Atlas:

  • when being attacked, we can’t find the castle we’re attacked on, because we can’t view our list of owned castles.
  • when attacking in large numbers . . . I would love to say what happens, but this is purely hypothetical, because my prim ends up stuck en route and simply refuses to go to the castle where the fight is happening. :angry:
  • when sniping, let us pray there are not too many prims, and your target can be found from outside the castle – because once there, the primarch list won’t show the troops anymore. Or won’t show the attack button, or (if you’re particularly unlucky) it won’t show either. Or the game could just crash.
  • if you ever manage to get your primarch to a castle where a big battle is happening, it takes a very long time (5-30 minutes) for attacks to process after you complete them, leaving you uncertain whether your primarch and your targets are alive or dead. :joy:
  • Unrelatedly, I’m still waiting for my 7.5M gold shipment from the beginning of the primarch event, three days ago. I know it’s a hard time for the postal service with COVID, but let’s hope it will arrive before the event ends. :sweat_smile:

Let’s stop that list here; we’re all pretty familiar with these.

I can’t tell how many leaders, officers, and highly active atlas dedicated players are planning to leave the game by the first month of the new season if this lag is not resolved.

We ve all come to a point at which we’re losing all hope of a better future. Several have already given up, and a large number are about to.

Please, put the lag issues at the top of the list of priorities. Solving it is absolutely necessary to save our beloved game.

And in memory of these players we have already lost, we’re hosting a memorial. Please gather as many troops as possible on this castle:

X:6.5 Y:-66.5

Whatever your orientation in Atlas, this problem concerns the entire community. So for once, let’s unite under the same cause: every leader, officer, player, spread that message around. And do something.

The memorial will come to an end 24 hours before the end of Temple Raid. Please make sure all your prims are removed 12 hours before it ends, for obvious reasons…

A screenshot will be taken and reposted when we have the more teams gathered and represented there.

Hopefully, this will finally make PG realise how much these glitches are impacting and weakening the community.

I am not going to go into depth about the problems surrounding PG’s public API. A large petition has already been made about that; as a reminder it can be find here :point_down:, if you want to support it.

Thanks, everyone! :slight_smile:

–An anonymous Atlas aficionado


Nitelokk was here

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I couldn’t have said it much better myself. It’s sad to see and hear so many people leaving and I hope PG takes these matters seriously. Thank you for saying what we all mean.


Perfect, this is something I’ve written on the forums before. Some people are saying “bring on the shuffle” and I’m like really? You really want this? Maybe with a new map, some of the flaws will be patched? One can live in hope.
To add on to the above, the lag is unbearable, people flinging “cheaters” term around when it’s actually a fundamental flaw in the game.
Castles have been lost because nobody can get to the castle to defend it, can move to any castle around it but not to the castle the battle is at.

Well said :heartpulse:


It beggars belief that they are wading forward with changes that a large proportion of the playing community do not want as they simply cannot accept that they are wrong. But more importantly, they are wading ahead while there are known issues that are destroying the game.

They no longer have the trust of the player base. They cower behind their vocal posters, their moderators and their poor support staff (poor because they must be abused day in and day out because of the never ending issues in the game).

They need to accept errors, learn a little humility … fix the problems and then give the player base an opportunity to have their say in the future direction of the game. After all ,the player base are the consumers of the content.

Atlas for instance … I don’t get the logic of putting alliance castles together … it makes no sense … I also don’t think it’s appropriate to move our castles about from where we fought so hard to get them …

I am definitely warming to the idea that no castle should be more than 2 bubbles in. But I wonder where all this angst about “stagnation” etc is coming from … not the players at my level, that’s for sure. We seem to be constantly working in Atlas. Too much at times really.

I just wish they’d listen to us and maybe take the time to explain the logic a bit more than “atlas is stagnant” …


I agree … I have seen castles fall due to the issues and PG do nothing about it. It reeks of arrogance to me and it does not add to the enjoyment of the game.


I just want my fun back! There is enough stress in the Real works to have to come play a game that gets you and your players frusterated because they can’t do anything. Get your act together and fix the issues! We want to play a fun game. If not I’m sure they’re are others or there.

Ps. I have even recommend you guys give us the mythics and atlas prizes of the rider. Tell everyone you going to to do maintenance and really do it to fix problems and start the new season off with a bang. Better to lose money in the front end of a fix then everyone because your not fixing anything!


Hear hear! I certainly hope that someone in PG reads and passes this on to their colleagues. we are getting close to the point where the issues are too many and spoil the game enough so that’s its not enjoyable anymore


Pg must solve the current atlas problems which have been going on for a while and which are spoiling our enjoyment of the game.


Definitely atlas has slowly gotten worse and worse but will they ever fix it no. And the simple reason behind this is $$$ pg has always been about money it’s the way they make a living sure they care how much they earn but people crying because the game isn’t working they just think owell we will get more people who will spend

Think about the spenders in this game I know just 7 friends in this game that spend $2000 plus every month and that’s when they are just playing normally some weeks they spend more then most people earn in a month in one event.so unless we can get everyone and I mean everyone to stop buying elites rubies ect we will just have to learn to deal with a crap game


Well said Mr. Anonymous :sunglasses:

I second everything Art said. And my team 3rds… to 50ths it, with a resounding throaty hell yeah.

PG - please fix all of these points. You are losing long time Atlas players in droves.


(this device may show another name :man_shrugging:)


My team will be there, we have lost countless friends and team mates because of not just lag but issues where they can’t even fly their dragons anymore. Or they have totally lost interest because of all the issues with the game.

It’s sad that a game people love makes you quit playing just out of pure frustration over it! We just want to play the game and do what we love and that’s burning bases/killing troops with our dragons that we paid a pretty price for. I’ve wanted to quit so many times, and believe me it’s not the game itself that has me staying.



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I have also started having issues where I cannot reload troops on 5ta castle… because it is the enemy. No SS taken as I was rushing to try to reload to defend my castle. I have seen so many castles lost because they cannot travel to their own castle while people munch on guards. Fix the lag!


Same … and I don’t care WHICH alliance you are in: NO ONE SHOULD LOSE A CASTLE DUE TO A GLITCH

All conquering should have been / should be disabled until it is fixed.

Edit: for @MALIK


Should have been *
You missed a couple words !:rofl:

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8 hours later, and already 230+ teams have taken position, and have decided to express their concerns on that matter :slight_smile:

Hopefully, it will give you support at pointing what community really need in a very close future :slight_smile:

Please help :slight_smile:


We’ve been able to isolate the issue and hope to deploy ASAP today.

Curly, you and your 5TA has my deepest sympathy when it happens. I can’t image.

No amount of planning can offset what is about to happen.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: agree