Yes with 400+ teams the lag is bad (I would expect it to be tbh) but I can still move off and move back on with little no no problem. Agin a small delay is to be expected, 400 teams sharing a single castle is quite irregular. However, it is nowhere near as bad as it was one week ago. We won’t know until bubbles drop if it’s 100% fixed but for now I’m willing to give pg the benefit of the doubt and believe it’s “fixed”.

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PvP Event Shields coming down on Monday will be a very important time for us to monitor the performance in Atlas when it comes to the deployed lag fixes. We believe movement and listing teams at a castle are both drastically improved, and reasonably functioning right now. However, loading a large number of individual primarchs is still taking more time than intended. As PGSoul mentioned in another thread, we don’t consider all work on Atlas performance/lag-reduction complete in its current iteration, BUT the land shuffle project has been delayed so many times that it’s imperative that we see it through to completion so that we can become unblocked on doing all the other improvements to Atlas.

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Hopefully if you solve this you can get back to the projects at hand. Please be ready to drop everything on Monday if we see the exact same scenario we have the past few weeks though.

I am still unable to attack in NML, it shows the attack button now, which is progress, but still cant attack. This was far away from the aligne shit show. Only 2 primarks on a location, have tried many different NML spots also. Have been trying to attack for 3 days with no luck, but can now move to NML and load troops with very little delay. I just want to get glory for my new rider. Yes i have submitted ticket to support, but sadly a generic we know about it email.

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its not hard for us to test this fix out because we all want the same thing and thats to play and no be irritated trying to move around so im sure we all can load up some troops go to multi castles as if its a big ole raid to test

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I tried to attack in NML
30% of the time, attack is missing

Nothing has been fixed. The game is officially in the worst state anyone can remember experiencing. Stop with graphics. Stop with new ideas. Stop everything except reversing whatever you’ve done that has brought us to this unplayable state or continue as game addicts suddenly and finally find the push needed to give this game and your companies profits the end that’s coming. :man_shrugging:t3:


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