Calling All Huitzil Owers!


Anyone with Max out Huitzil, can you guys make a video flying him against live bases.Even if he’s In Harbinger Tier, that will do as well. I need to see him with my own eyes against a max out base or a all round good set up base. Pg don’t know how to provide good content anymore. Thanks :innocent:


x2 please


Mine is only emerald right now… He pretty much falls on his face at similar level bases to his power. If its a defended base might as well use chunk, at least hes funny to watch fly… I will see if I can get a video up for you.


Lv 48 Huitzil (harbinger) managed 7% on my base boosted with me defending (only buffed my first island and dropped 3 hammers)

Notably this was NOT my kill island


Everyone who has Huitzil please post the replay here so that we can show to them how weak he is even after the 10% update​:smirk::smirk::smirk:


Anything’s help bro😇


May I just ask what lv are you bro?..


We all need to see it to believe it.:joy:




I can believe it my level or higher defended with 1 good defender or 2 “ok” ones he gets slaughtered but he does great on the xpbases :slight_smile:


That’s all I needed to know😂


Oh, that’s explains it​:joy::+1:


I didnt hatch mine, guess that nerf really got into me, i settled with the goodies i got


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